Facing Issues

You happened to face ‘issues’?

What are those ‘issues’? When we move in one direction, ‘issue’ comes in front. It can delay, cancel or reroute our path. Do you think, the ‘issue’ causes it?

I think, it is all about how we face such circumstances. A simple thought process can change the whole perception on the situation!

Let us see a simple situation: A student fails in an exam. For him, this is an issue. He goes through the mental agony of failure. However the fact is that, he is going to come out…may be in 1 week, or 1 month or 6 months or 1 year? Yes, he is going to come out. The recovery depends on the person and his surroundings.

If the recovery is slow, the person lose more time rather than gaining anything. This is where maturity, mental balance and positive thinking come to play.

The thought should be – if I am going to come out of this issue in 1 year, why cant I come out of it in 6months….why cant I come out of it in 3 months….why not in 1 month, why not 1 week…?

This helps to face the issue effectively and we will start finding alternates to deal with it.

So, what are you waiting?! If you think, there is an issue, believe that you are going to come out of it in sometime. Start reducing that ‘sometime!’

Now, we start believing, issues don’t de-rail us, rather, they help us to learn to become stronger!

Have Fun!


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