If we were not there…!

Both boys were searching for talc for carom board.
Mama and papa were in chat at the dining. They were discussing about life!
However, Mama, suddenly provided guidance for boys:
“Go to your room, open the cupboard…middle row, above the drawer.”
Big boy could not find anything there “No Mama, nothing here other than some clothes”
Younger was just looking at the same place with more hopes!
(He saw Mama keeping it some where there grabbing it from him, when he was pouring the talc all over the bed in the morning 😉

Big boy, wants to leave and search somewhere else, he was sure, it is not there. “Its not there Mama”.
But, Mama was sure, it is there! Because, she only kept it there 😉
“Move that blue bath towel and see”
“Where is blue…..Yeah, yeah…got it!!”
Both boys were in josh* and rushed back to play…
Quick shouts behind:
Papa: “Boys, close the cupboard”
Mama:”Boys, lights off!”
Boys back again! Closed the cupboard and switched off the lights. (Good boys!;))
Papa told mama: “Huh, if we were not there…!” (serious face!)
Mama laughed heart out; Papa joined; Boys busy in playing caroms! 🙂
*josh (hindi): zeal / excitement

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