What did he say?

Mama and Papa were very busy in talking. Serious topics about life!
Little boys were busy playing at the living room. They scattered only few toys around to make it difficult to walk!
Though mama was busy talking to papa, she was worried about the hard job of cleaning the living room. (It has become multiple times a day!)
She kept telling(or shouting!) “Boys, don’t make the place messy. Please keep the toys back after playing…..sklajsdladlhdfssklhfa”
Silence from boys.

Mama could not hold her temper, even then, she pleaded this time to the younger one. “Tutu, you are so sweeeeet, you will keep everything back to toy house!”
Younger shouted: “Papa…..ldkjfljfljdfsdfsdf”
Papa did not hear anything clearly; because he was busy talking!
Still papa replied: “Very good tutu, very good! Keep it up!”
Papa asked mama curiously “What did he say?”
Mama: “He said, they are cleaning the living room”
Papa: “Huh, I replied correctly”
Mama laughed; Papa joined; Boys were busy cleaning!(or messing? 😉 )

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