Order to Order!


What are you thinking now?

Just about this blog ? Trying to understand why the above picture? Why this blog, does it make any sense? About any of your family members? Or how to live better? About a new start up? Making a profit from a business? Some pending household activity, which has been reminded by your better-half for multiple times? Demand of your son/daughter to take them to play in the park…?……the question can be endless, so as the possibilities for your thoughts!

Are you just thinking only about one thing?

You wish to focus on one, right?!

As you force to get focused on single topic, a burst of topics flood! Every action, there is equal(? 😉 and opposite reaction!

These thoughts could be very small…as in “Oh, I need to switch of the gas in the kitchen” or complex like building a business strategy!  But they are there and can come at anytime; whether you really invite them or not.

At times, there can be a bunch of pending tasks come as thoughts. It could be as scattered as possible. This is one situation where you have “lot to do”, but, in few minutes, you realize that you are not able to do “anything” from that list! Because, the train of thoughts has created a  chaos in your brain. Because your mind is swinging between ‘that also’ & ‘this also’ (This is that-also-this-also syndrome!)

This can happen in multiple situations, and the intensity of chaos can depend on the quantity and quality of the thoughts!

What can we do during such situations?

Before we find the answer to this question:

  • No perfect solution; again the solution depends on your brain!
  • But start believing there are multiple parts of brain in your body; start training some part of it.
  • Accept the thoughts; do not force to push them. Because, they are stronger!
  • It is a fact that, all the thoughts cannot be addressed, because, of limited resources.

Now what can we do?

  • Simply start writing the thoughts
  • As you write, read it.
  • Try to refine each.
  • You will realize the flow of thoughts are reduced.
  • Now, order it with priority
  • Order your brain to accept based on the priority; whether your prioritization is correct or not.

More likely, after the above steps, the intensity of the chaos, is expected to be less…but, if not,  repeat or find any thing simple that can help you to allow the stream of thoughts come out and also help to pick some to apply your actions on it. It is just a matter of time, all intended tasks in your life is going to happen. Why not a bit early…So order you, to order!

Summary : One way out for ‘that-also-this-also’ syndrome is ‘write-read-refine-order’.

Any other thoughts/tips?


2 thoughts on “Order to Order!”

    1. Thank You. Though there is no fixed way for all situations, some simple common steps can help to relieve. Thanks for reading.


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