Fishing..; More!

I went for fishing for the first time! Just wanted to learn to throw the net and ensure, I can go and come back safe from the sea!
(I just want to go in the sea and come back; Thank you God for a safe trip!)
I went for fishing for the second time! Just wanted to catch few fishes and come back safe!
(I just want to catch few fishes, at least my wife and kids will be delighted! Thank you God for a safe trip; Thank you for those few fishes!)
I went for fishing for third time! Want to catch more fishes and come back..!
(Want to give fishes to my relatives & friends and surprise! Thank God!)

I went for fishing again! Want to catch more fishes!
(Want to start selling fishes; Thank you God for the profit!)
I went for fishing multiple times again and again! I am an expert fisher man!
(Want to become primary seller in my area!)
I went for fishing in my own boat for the first time! Just wanted to try my new boat to sea and come back safe!
(Want to control this fish market! )
I controlled multiple fish markets! I became an expert fish exporter and businessman.
(Want to start business overseas!)
A small boy watching a fisher man catching fishes in the shallow sea…

He decided; “at least I will go to the sea and come back! Thank You God for a safe trip!”

Still there are fishes in the sea; the waves…and God remains!

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