Ootta Aayithaa Sir?

Oh, it’s 1′ o clock! Lunch?
Friends all left after their futile wait for him.
They know his 5 minutes is just over 20 minutes, or more sometimes!
He wanted to ask them not to wait for him everyday! However, it never happend!
By the time he joins them, they would have finished their lunch. Still, everyday they come, wait for him. They all like his lunch talks. He picks interesting topics and describes it like stories.
He talks about latest technologies in air-crafts, automotives, mobile, software and most interesting is on daily life…like why you feel nausea in the car for a long drive, what you should do and science behind it…..
Recently, friends started giving him topics to prepare! 🙂
Today, are they waiting?

The 5 minutes is almost 40 minutes now. He felt guilty!
Once you are into something, it is hard to get out of it!
He suddenly locked the computer and started walking towards the cafeteria.
“Yesterday, I shouted at him very badly. The guests came and he did not even move from his seat and head was inside the book! Reading is good…but….” He just fled to his son!
“But, if you are doing something fully involved, it is hard to get out of it, right?”
“….m…yes..” He answered himself!
“Today I should go home early and play with Sidhu” He decided!
Lunch counter is getting closed…finally he could grab something to munch!
Friends are not there. “Huh, good!” He felt a bit relaxed.
About to start his food, he got a call…
“Ootta aayithhaaa Sir?”**
(Had Lunch Sir?)
Before he is out of his shock, the call got disconnected!
Oh, friends tricking! He checked the number; not familiar!
Forget it! He came back to his food….
About to start his food, again he got a call…
 “Ootta aayithhaaa Sir?”**
(Had Lunch Sir?)
…and…the disconnect followed…
Who is that guy ?!
He decided to close the anxiety. He picked the phone and called back the same number!
“Good afternoon sir…Welcome to…” A sweet female voice!
“I got calls from this number twice”
“No sir, no one would have called….anyways, because, you called, let me explain certain wonderful products for your financial security. We have…”
He simply disconnected the call.
“Why do people do this kind of marketing tricks! Especially at the ‘right’ time!
I should simply ignore all such calls!!! But, if it is some one close? He must call again….!”
His brain wandered for solutions to handle such tricks!
He started eating; phone rang.
“Hey, it is a different number!” He picked the call.
“Ootta aayithhaaa Sir?”**
(Had Lunch Sir?)
Call got disconnected!
The world is inestimable!

He decided to go home early today!

**Ootta (Kannada) : Lunch
   Ootta Aayithha ?(Kannada) : Finished Lunch?

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