Feel depressed often? Feel abnormal?


Mood swings happen in daily life. It can be due the processing of multiple things at the same time or endless questions to solve a hurdle in daily life. In fact the impact on your brain is the same. It makes you feel annoyed and moody!

…at times, you feel there is no reason for your feeling!

Often, when this kind of situation comes frequently, the frequency will become the reason for the next irritation! You start to think..”Often I am getting irritated…often my mood swings…often, i am not able to sleep…”

Next step, you start to think, “Am I abnormal?”

From this stage, the things can get more complicated, if you don’t have a compassionate companion!

Some of the interactions and experiences with my friends (this could be too less/insignificant compared to many others!) , some cases, I use to listen, they feel, there is some problem with them!

You can try to give positive comments and some cases, they feel better. However, once the loop starts, again, it can lead to the same state: “Am I having some issues?”

Depends on the situation, this can happen to you , me or anyone.

Two points came to my observation:

  • As soon as we get any unusual behaviour or illness, we search internet!
  • When we search with a negative frame and fearful mind, we see only negative results! 

So, I thought of checking some of the terms and try to understand a bit with a positive frame of mind ;))

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, formerly manic depression, is a mental illnesscharacterized by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood.The elevated mood is significant and is known as mania or hypomania, depending on its severity, or whether symptoms of psychosis are present.

(courtesy Wikipedia)

Now, the above paragraph gives you more tension! Because, it says, what you feel like: “often depression” / “elevated mood”. However, when we search during the mood swing or later with fear, we forget to note the key point – “when is it categorized as serious or even considered as illness!”

I tried to go a bit far to understand, is there any simple way to cut the doubts, or at least provide a lead to take the next step.

So, I tried to understand, what is the real meaning of ‘mania’.


Mania is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or “a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression together with lability of affect.” Although mania is often conceived as a “mirror image” to depression, the heightened mood can be either euphoric or irritable; indeed, as the mania worsens, irritability often becomes more pronounced and may eventuate in violence.

(courtesy Wikipedia)

Now, we get some what a better idea for Mania from the above description. However, once we are in doubt, we may read and think that, we have “heightened overall activation ….”

Warning! : Now, from here, you can get into a huge world of information filled with various terms, details, symptoms, tests, rating scales etc..and get lost in that or perplexed to confirm, you are helpless!

However, I just a saw a simple online test (among so many ways/rating scales), which I felt, can simply help you to confirm you are ***NOT*** abnormal in most of the usual cases. I believe, it is really unusual and needs attention, it just happens. Most of the self worries are just ‘worries’! (Some of you may have difference in opinion though!).

Coming back to the test. It is called “Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale”. It is very simple 5 question based test. You can try it online and feel happy! 🙂

Most of the usual ‘abnormal’ feelings do not need medical treatment; rather it just needs some fine tuning on our positive thinking and attitude.

If one can realize the fact that, some usual mood swing, anger etc are not really a problem and it happens to anyone, then it is good. Still you feel not relieved….please open up with a compassionate companion. Also believe in your strengths and blessings showered upon you! However, anyone feels, its really affecting your daily life and even with all the help from your family and friends, it continue, please consult a good doctor.

If you are not a doctor in specific area, the internet dependency can create unwanted results and make things more complicated. Please apply a balanced approach in collecting, reading and understanding the open information in the internet ; simply do not fall in the trap of information storm!

Tailpiece: Author is not an expert or doctor in the topic. This is written, just based on some observations and light readings. Also, these are author’s personal comments! No intention to prove illness condition to non-illness condition or otherwise. Only to convey that, usual mood swings, irritations etc are not very uncommon these days and it may not be unique for you!

Life is beautiful, enjoy!

[Picture courtesy: http://www.freeimages.com/]

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