“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned”- Gautama Buddha.


Do you get anger? It cross the limits* and hurts objects and minds? (*limit: there is no fixed definition for this. It depends on us!)

Those are the moments we want to forget or even erase from our life, right? Even then, it just happens and repeats!

From this point, I assume you agree to the initial quote from Gautama Buddha on anger.
So, even if we think anger burns us, we are unable to stop. May be as the first step, let’s accept the fact that we get anger! (Irrespective of the frequency). Next, re-confirm and read the quote at the beginning of this verse.
Now let’s try some steps through which we can observe these situation a bit closer! Can it help?

People can even get annoyed due to the anger and its impacts which already happened. Because, they did not want that to happen, still happened. It causes further irritation and the negativity accumulates. Any trigger, it can burst badly again!(After shocks are dangerous; because it is unpredictable!)
First, try to accept the situation and do not get annoyed after each of your anger session! Hard? Yeah just try! However, don’t worry, even if you are unable to do it initially.
How muchever time you take to calm you down, it is ok. Please try the next step only after that!
Next, just replay the session in your mind slowly. If you can start from the real cause, it’s good. However don’t bother, just do as you can. If possible,  play it twice. (we may do some refinement;)

Simply fill the following:

Cause of Anger:
Result of Anger:

Please limit to just one sentence, not more than 7 words. (Writing and reading twice is the best. But, doing in mind also good)

Reminder:please do this once you are calm down.

Remember, we are *not* yet trying to stop our anger sessions; we are just analysing how much we do, why and it’s results! 🙂
Additionally, please feel sorry and say thanks to each person or objects impacted during and after your anger session!

You can continue this as many days you want, till you get any confidence or just a feeling that, you are already reducing the frequency of anger sessions! Because each of you have a great soul within; …and that soul can understand you better than any one in this world.
In my experience, small and simple steps slowly transform us, yes, some very positive transformations through self realization!
Have a nice day. Live each moment to the fullest possible…!
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13 thoughts on “DAnger!”

  1. Specters are close in the awe we have found, our torments arranged in the forms we are bound. Reasons share meanings at length to beguile, the silence in wisdom’s arranged by the smile.


  2. Nice post.
    Anger harm our peace of mind, spoil our relations and being angry will not take us anywhere.
    It is true if we just try to stop being angry without analyzing how much we do, why we do and what are it’s results….. We can just suppress it for time being.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right Sapna…. I use to hear one trick from elders…. If you want to shout, just count slowly 1 to 10 in mind and then shout… 😊😇 most of the cases you win over anger. Because, once you are able give space for thinking, you become good. In fact all souls are good😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally agree.
        Another one…. If you want to shout… Go and drink a glass of water 🙂 Then try shouting.
        It has two advantage… one of time as u said, another is water has cooling effect. 🙂 😇

        Liked by 1 person

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