Remembrance is gratitude!

Yeah, few days away from scribbling my notes…let me keep the excuses away, back to work! 🙂
Just saw a mail notification on my subscription to It was about a memorial for our beloved Dr. Abdul Kalam!

Surprised to see that! Then I did an internet read on that topic. I realized that the burial site was almost disgracefully discarded! Whether a memorial is needed to remember one of our greatest scientists, or not, I felt bad on the attitude and gratitude shown by us to him.

It should have been a place for any student to start his research, grab a strong inspiration to fly high for our country!

So, I just joined a baby step again. If you think, it makes sense, just join in some way, not only the below way!

Build a Memorial at Kalam’s Burial Site #KalamMemorial – Sign the Petition!

Because, I believe remembrance is gratitude!

Thank you!

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