Insult, Punishment and a Smile!


Something happened to Vikas! Mom could easily get her son’s mood as soon as he entered the home.

Vikas did not talk for a while.

Then he started: “Mama, I cannot bear this any more! It has become too bad, including physical!”

Mama was at sea!

He continued: “….he started using nasty words and also beating me without any reason! He insulted me mama…”

Mama asked: “Who is he!”

“Amol! Today he took my racket and hit me without any reason. Also showed fingers and used words starting ‘f'”

Mama got shocked! Primary School students!

She tried to understand a bit more: “Why he does it without any reason? Did you do anything?”

Vikas became annoyed and he felt helpless! “No Mama….no…..did not do anything. But for few days this has been happening. I tried to ignore. But it has become worse these days, esp in the bus!”

“In the bus there are no teachers?”

“He will start only after the teachers get down at their stops”

“There are no other kids nearby?”

“None bothers! Also 2-3 other guys grouped with him!”

“No reason and they target you…..I am really confused Vikku” Mama showed her doubts

“I am also surprised! They were my good friends!”

“When did this start?”

“I noticed it after I got prize in the school competition for story writing!”

“Did they all participate in the same?”

“Amol for sure, others I am not sure! But Mama, whatever may be the reasons, I am helpless and cannot tolerate anymore!”

“Let papa come, we will call Amol’s father and talk about this!” Mama consoled Vikas.

Vikas took the scrambled jigsaw puzzle and started solving!

“Hurray!  Solved in less than  a minute!” He was so happy!

Mood changed!

“Vikku, go take bath, and have food!” Though Mama told the daily evening dialogue, she was really worried – what to do with Amol! Should inform his parents! She decided and eagerly waited for papa to come.

*              *                  *

Papa came a bit early ! (very unusual these days!).

“See, Vikas is not very happy today and bit worried” Papa was welcomed.

Papa looked at Vikas. Vikas was joyfully playing…;after listening to mama’s words, quickly became sad!

Mama and Vikas narrated the situation. Mama told Papa “It is better to call his father and tell. Let him talk to Amol”

“Last time for a small mis-communication from Amol, he scolded Amol very badly. He may do the same even now. It may not fetch any result.” Papa could not completely agree to Mama’s idea.

Papa asked mama: “If Amol’s father calls us and tells a similar complaint about Vikas, what will we think? what will we do?”

Mama could understand where papa is driving his point. “You cannot bring too idealistic thoughts into this. Vikas is really hurt!”

Papa called Vikas “Vikku, if you complain this to your class teacher, what will happen?”

Vikas: “May be he will be called to principal maam and they may ask his parents to come, as it is severe. Similar thing happened to another boy few days back in the school”

“Do you really want that to happen to Amol? You really want him to be punished?” Papa asked.

“Papa, I am just helpless. You tell me what to do!”

Papa, Vikku and Mama were really confused!

What to do? Inform teacher? Inform his father? Start retaliate? … Emotional crisis!,

“Vikku, you go play. We will find a way!” Papa told, though he was not sure about the next step!

After a while, papa called Vikas. “Vikku, can you talk to Amol?”

“No, I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t have anything to talk!”

“Are you sure?”

Vikas was silent for a moment.

Papa continued…

“Amol was your friend. Let’s try a phone call with Amol”

“Papa, I don’t know what to talk and he will not listen!”

“Vikku, you can simply call him and ask him… – why you do this to me? I did not do any harm to you anyways. Without my knowledge, did I do anything bad? I just want to know. – just talk normal”

“Papa…….” Vikas felt uneasy and helpless!

“Vikku, what we want is to avoid such instances from Amol, not really “teach him a lesson” or “make a complaint and punish him, right?”

After a silence, Vikas told “Yeah, I just don’t want those bad things to happen again!”

“….so lets try!”

Papa gave the phone to Vikas! “No, not now. I need to rehearse!” Vikas went inside the room with the phone!

Papa and Mama smiled!

Few minutes later….

“Papa, Mama, I talked to him. He said, he was acting hero in front of his group! There is no other reason. I told him I did not do any harm to him. Told him to think tonight and if no reason, please avoid!”

“Vikku, do you feel better now?” Papa asked


“Did you say good night?” Mama asked!


Papa and Vikas smiled; Mama joined!

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