You killed a spider!

Wow! So cool and breezy! Another wonderful morning…
Appu was so happy today! He is completing 10th day of morning walk with his uncle. He felt so proud! A sweet revenge to Uncle’s sarcastic comments on his ‘will power’!

“Uncle, today we complete 10th day…right..” mellow voice from Appu!

“Oh yeah! You did it!” Uncle smiled.

“Btb, Appu, I owe you a pair of nice running shoes!”

Appu could not believe! “Wow, thank you so much!”

Last night it was raining. That made this morning even more cool and clean!

“Uncle, You killed a spider!”

“What…? I killed a spider? When?”

“Just now, you stamped on a big spider!”

“Oh, sorry for that. ”

Appu stopped walking for a moment.

“What happened Appu…come on, lets go”

“Uncle I have a question, a simple logical one!”

“Logical question?m….ok, go on” Uncle was expecting some perplexing question(as usual!)

Appu started his question: “You killed a big spider now. Lets consider two scenarios. In one case, you stepped on a very small spider and it survived. In second case, you stamped on a big spider and it died immediately. Which is better?”

“Which is better?” Uncle surprised. At the same time a ‘simple’ question changed to ‘a bit harder’

Now its Uncle’s turn to stop walking! 🙂

He sat under the fig tree!

“Uncle,  under the fig tree, your brain works better, right?” Appu was quick!

After a while, uncle said: “First case is better. The small spider is survived. It can live and help his family”

Appu said: “Is it not so simple? Second case is better! Though the small spider maybe survived in the first case…but you know, you stepped on it. It would have got injured very severely. May be lifelong grief and pain!…..”

Uncle was still sitting under the fig tree. He needs more fig energy!

He just realized! I killed a spider!


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