Every Flower Adds…(Onam Day 3)


If you travel through Kerala, especially towns or villages, you will come across floral decorations(pookkalam) on the roadside, almost at every junction. Onam adds colors of happiness!

Today is Onam Day 3.(06Sep2016)

On the way back from jogging, my son and myself could get a bunch of red bougainvillea. Do you know bougainvillea is not common on the floral decorations at all! But, away from Kerala, that is not the case 😉

Also, we took a few white bougainvillea from our garden as well. We were lucky to get those few! Though, those are not really preferred on floral decorations, after putting, we felt, the red and white bougainvillea added beauty to today’s floral decoration. They could blend well with the variety of Shanghupushpam(Butterfly Pea Flower / Healing Plant) and hibiscus petals….

Yes, every flower adds…every color adds…!

Enjoy colorful days of Onam…. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Every Flower Adds…(Onam Day 3)”

  1. we all were much used to this ‘pookkalam’ in those childhood days.. and then never I had any hesitation to pluck the flowers …but now, something puzzling me..how hurt the flowers would be, when they were plucked..


    1. Plants will be happy to give the flowers and fruits. They are the visible God on earth. Just start thinking the same concern which you raised, while you have the next meal. So, we need to thank them every time we get anything from plants. Also respect them and take care and start planting. Tailpiece: One of my friends told, if you dont pluck the flowers from certain plants, the plants die faster. (of course, its not a justification for pookkalam 🙂

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        1. Please take care of them, enjoy and also talk to them. Tell them, their life is very meaningful and invaluable to this world. I hope you do it(what i read from your writing).

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