Every smile counts… (Onam Day 4)

Everytime you see a pookkalam(floral decoration), it spreads a smile in your heart… a colorful one!

Onam festival lasts for 10 days from Atham to Thuruvonam.  Everyday the pookkalam becomes bigger by one more layer of flowers, and 10th day, 10 layers with grand pookkalam! Every layer counts:)

Today is Onam Day 4.(07Sep2016)

Due to business meeting,  i travelled to Chennai.  As planned i gave a wakeup call to my son for the daily jog. Surprisingly,  my son picked the call…! That motivated me, not to skip my morning walk as well. 🙂

So today…  my wife and son amazed me this pookkalam. When I saw the pic,  that made my heart smile… a cool smile…

Keep smiling…

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