Elegance of Onam (Onam Day 5)

Everyday pookkalam (floral decoration) adds to the elegance of Onam festival all throughout 10days from Atham to Thiruvonam. Onam is a story of truth,  kindness and commitment.  It reminds us that happiness is a result of selflessness. It unveiled through the story of King Mahabali. For me,  he is a superhero who amazed the world with his judicious and compassionate care to his countrymen.  He could bring and sustain truth and harmony in his land,  and finally he taught us how one should be committed to his words without any fear….

Today is Onam Day 5. (08Sep2016 😉

Reached from Chennai early morning.  Last two days travel was too tiring.  After some quick travel updates,  I took a very much needed nap!  It was so short….. it was just mid noon when I got up!!! 😉

Oh,  today’s pookkalam?  I asked my wife whether she could.  She smiled.  I saw the same pleasant smile on the cute pookkalam in front of our home…. It made my day!  (the remaining half day…. 😉

Keep Smiling….

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