Twinkle Twinkle Little Flowers… (Onam Day 7)

Flowers can twinkle?! The little cute flowers in Onam Pookkalams(floral decorations),  twinkle at us.  It spreads amazing energy of happiness to everyone around.

There are many traditional games that are played during onam. Pulikali,  thalapanthu kali,  uriyadi… are some of them.  Every village has some special game which adds more entertainment and fun to Onam days.  Enjoyment and being happy forgetting all your frets are the highlights during Onam days.

Today is Onam Day 7.

Today we got a very special item for our pookkalam (floral decoration)… Manjaadi (Red Lucky Seeds) !!  🙂

We thought of ornamenting the outer layer with Manjaadi instead of flowers. It clicked! (isn’t it?)

During childhood, we use to play with Manjaadi Kuru (Red Lucky Seeds)…different games! Thanks to younger one to grab all the collected Manjaadi from Granny during the last visit to hometown. The whole bottle of Manjaadi became his fav! It may be a rare thing for new generation kids in the cities and towns.

After seeing the pookkalam, the younger told: “Papa, naale aa manjaadi kuru kalayalle…edukkane…”  [“Papa, tomorrow, don’t throw the Manjaadi Kuru, please take it back”] 🙂

We are lucky! Yes, all of us are lucky to be here to see the beauty of Onam…

So be it!

Keep Smiling!

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