Melody of Onam…(Onam Day 8)


Are you hearing the melody of Onam…? If you travel through Kerala these days, you should be able to hear…esp..tea shops in villages or junctions where pookkalams are there.

There are so many sweet melodies on Onam in Malayalam. If you search in google/youtube for “Onam Songs”, you will realize that, Onam Songs are an integral part of Malayalam Music.

Whoever lives away from Kerala, cannot listen to them without nostalgic memories of their home, childhood and loved ones back in Kerala!

[I have added one of my fav Onam Songs Album link at the end of this blog]

Today is Onam Day 8.

As I mentioned in the previous blogs on Onam, the pookkalam(floral decoration) incrementally becomes bigger and bigger each day. Flowers become limited (unless you plan to buy it! 🙂 , also limited choices! Today we went with a bag during our daily  jogging. While coming back, we could ‘collect’ some flowers. Thanks to neighbours. 😉

Even if limited flowers, choices and whatever way you put it,  end of it…,it looks good and gives a nice breezing feeling!

Enjoy the melody of Onam; Be Happy; Keep Smiling!

One of my fav Onam Songs Album:

Note:Links are provided only based on internet search at the time of writing this blog.


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