Serenity of Onam & Bakrid…(Onam Day 10!)


Look at any pookkalam(floral decoration) for a while…you can feel the serenity of Onam. Onam days shower peace and happiness to the nature and minds. Every celebration is an occasion where we try to make others happy, along with that, we become happy(actually happier!). So, we can celebrate together only, not alone! Once we can cherish the moments of smiles and sharing, the celebration becomes meaningful. Those moments start bringing a feel of serenity and cares your mind…

Today is Onam Day 10! So, thiruvonam today?

Not Really! This time, the day 6 (Thriketta) spanned across two days (Sept 9th and 10th) as per Malayalam Calendar OR Kollavarsham Calendar. Hence, this time, we have 11 days of Onam. 1 more day to celebrate! Yeah, icing on the cake….no no….a spiced, yummy, cool sambhaaram (morum vellam / buttermilk)  at the end of a feast! 😉

Once again, we could manage the pookkalam (floral decoration) without ‘buying’ flowers! Thanks to neighbours again! All four were very dedicated today for getting the flowers, making it ready and finishing the pookkalam! The younger was too adamant to handle multiple things at the same time. Anything you say, he wanted to do!:)

Though it took some time together, in the end, the patience and team work turned to a cool smile on all our faces!

Thanks to all plants…you are amazing, wonderful and caring! 

Today in Bangalore we celebrate Bakrid as well (In Kerala, Gulf and many other places, it was yesterday). Eid Mubarak once again!

eidmubarakOnce you are devoted to anything, you should be ready to sacrifice for it. Be it the devotion to GOD or any other personal goals, be prepared to sacrifice somethings to achieve it! Then you immerse in your devotion and realize it! Eid reminds us such a great story of sacrifice and ultimate definition of devotion!

Every festival is a time for recharging and refreshing ourself. The serenity of each festival teaches us the value of love, caring, humility and unity.. and how they bring happiness and peace to your life (and to others!)

Keep Smiling! Keep Recharging!

Morum Vellam / Sambharam in Kerala and usual ‘buttermilk’ that you get outside Kerala are different! The traditional one in Kerala, I just love it! 🙂

Eid Mubarak Pic Courtesy : Google Image Search; Labeled for reuse with modification


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