Thiruvonam: Spreading Lights of Happiness…

First of all, Wish you all a very Happy Onam again….


Onam is a festival of lights? Perplexed? I would say, Onam is a festival that spreads lights of Happiness. All through out 10 days of Onam, people, irrespective of color, religion, wealth, all try to be happy! I am not sure, is there any other festival in the world “forces” people to be happy from the core theme of the festival.

Onam, the whole theme of the festival is being happy and that’s what the festival is for! That’s why in Kerala, there is a saying “Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam” and be happy for it! (It means that “One must have the Onam lunch even selling his property, to have so”  and be happy that you could do it!)

Today is Onam Day 11  and is Thiruvonam!

Just incidentally it happened on the 11th Day & I have explained it in one of the previous blog.

As we have been putting the pookkalam (floral decoration) for the last 10 days, the expectation for the pookkalam for Thiruvonam, the final day, was high! 🙂

We also wanted to make it a bit grand! From early morning, my son and me started working on it, first to collect some flowers and start the design part of it. Soon, wife and younger joined. Then the pookkalam progressed very fast! 🙂

When we put the lamps around the pookkalam based on my wife’s suggestion, it felt complete….a feel of great happiness! Also we enjoyed the fun, making it together, making mistakes, not that way-this way better suggestions, trying to protect the flowers from the morning breeze…and finally, lighting the lamps multiple times as the wind was so naughty with us!!! 🙂

Yeah, Onam spreads the light of happiness….happiness of harmony around and within!

Thanks to plants in and around our home, who provided us the flowers and leaves(!);

Thanks to my family, esp the lil ones for their patience ;);

Thanks to neighbors for not scolding us for plucking some flowers;

Thanks to our friends who joined us for Onasadya!(Onam Feast);

Thanks to Onam Festival that provided a great feel of happiness through togetherness!

Thanks to all of you for reading this and motivating to write!

… and Thanks to Almighty… 

Keep Smiling!

9 thoughts on “Thiruvonam: Spreading Lights of Happiness…”

  1. Very nice floral decoration. I missed it as I came back from Kerala ( the house of our relative) just before a day before Onam.


    1. Thanks. Oh, you missed the onam in kerala. You enjoy partly from my everyday floral decoration and blog through onam days:))
      Next time, visit kerala during onam days. It will be treat…!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I enjoyed your Onam photos. And next time I will try to fix my trip during Onam. I regret that I missed the special dish, Saddya ( may be wrongly spelled) of Onam.

        Liked by 1 person

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