Go, Do it!


He was orphaned by parents first.
Later, by grandmother,  due to the inability to meet ends.
He wanted to become a pilot!
Yes,  it is possible,  though challenging for an orphan.
…. but if his both legs were infected with polio and unable stand even….?
Listening to this dream… some were sarcastic,  some were sympathetic,  some felt helpless… and some guided him for “possible”  success…!!
He did not bother about his limitations… and pursued his dream silently,  persistently,  with care and support from a Loving Mom and a Great Advice from a  Great Mom..!
…. finally his dream became a reality; …he passed all the tests….
He became a certified pilot! 
…… and he established a pilot academy as well! 
The boy’s name: Gautam Lewis
The Loving Mom: Dr. Patricia Lewis
The Great Mom: Mother Theresa
Great Mom’s Advice:

“Nothing is difficult, just different.  If you can’t find anyone to help you achieve what you want to do, do it alone and don’t be afraid of the unknown.”

Courtesy for the trigger : Mathrubhumi News Daily Weekend Article on 4th Sep,  2016,Sunday.(In Pic)

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