Tree and Kite… 

Are they happy to meet?
Are they happy to embrace?

Kite told: “I give you more color”

Tree told:” I let you hold me tight”

Kid thought: “How could I lose it”

Father consoled: “We will make another one”

Tree & Kite are happy.

Kid & Father are happy.


Seeing the Kite on the Tree, I told my son “See,  the tree is colorful”

He agreed, then told “… But,  It would have made skye more colorful….. ”


Tree let Kite fly.

Sky is so colorful!

Tree told: “I let you fly high”

Kite told: “I let you get your own beauty”

Tree &  Kite are happy!

Papa and Kid were busy making another colorful Kite.


My son and me back from the morning walk.

If you are interested in part 2 of the story of the same Tree&Kite, please read here!


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            1. 1. Danx for the info 😉 [However, I prefer to have summary view of reader and interesting topics, click to go!]
              Do you have that set? Even with that setting, are you getting my posts as partial?
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                1. I think this setting is applicable on the browser view of the blog website. WordPress “Reader” view shows the summary only. I see your posts in my Reader view as summary only. Should click to read the article fully. (same for all the articles from blog sites which I follow). But, if I go to your blog site, from the front page itself I can read complete article. Will check whether, any other options available for “Reader view” or not.

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                  1. Need to click the link (from the summary shown) from the reader to read full article. However it opens the link in the reader and gives and easy back option. I got your issue: Summary Reader view – – >click—>it opens the link within Reader—>you need to click once again to read my posts fully. (Yes one click more)
                    Will fix it.

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              Is that not better…comments pls?

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