Working from home. . .!

Family is back from a vacation. Still in the holiday hang-over. . .

“There are too many small small things to handle at office. If I go to office may not be able to  focus on the urgent report for tomorrow.  Let me work from home today” He thought.

He told wife: “Today, i am working from home. So no need to get my lunch. . . ”

Wife cannot relax anyways.. Busy Busy!  Elder one promptly got ready and went to school.  Thank God.

Now the little boy(studying in LKG)  has to get ready. . . He is still playing around. . .

She called him with lot of love:)

” Tutoooo. . . . come,  let’s get ready. . . . ”

He ran to bed and said. . . ” I am going to sleep. . . . ”

Papa: ” Sleeping. . ? School is there my boy. . . Brother has already left. . . Come. . . Let’s get ready. . . ”

Little Boy: ” Papa,  today I am working from home “

He was closing his eyes and laughing . . .

Papa and Mama joined!


Keep Smiling,  Have a great day!

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