See, what we want to See..! 


Was planning to add this view just as a photo….but the pic triggered some thoughts….

Those unprocessed, raw thoughts…

We see, what we want to see!!!

  • Really? If a bad thing happens in front of us?
  • How to avoid that view? Why you want to avoid?
  • How come you reached the spot to see that view?
  • Is that what we mean by thought power? Or like many say ‘you decide your destiny’?
  • So, think good, see good?
  • But some of the eyes are born in front of “bad” pictures, is it not? 
  • Seeing that, how to say, “we see, what we want to see”?
  • Thoughts are part of soul, not just this physical body!
  • So souls see what souls want to see?
  • oh….it is dragging me inside the matrix of thoughts….
  • Escape!!!
  • I am back to the picture….
  • wow…green always gives a soft touch to my heart….like your sweet smile!!!


“Magical Smile”

Yes, I like that smile….Keep Smiling!

Pic1:Through my window” : View from my hotel room balcony, shot today morning with HTC G728 phone.

Pic2:Magical Smile” : Courtesy –


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