Feeling Rich and Kanjoos*…! 

Demonitization in India (Invalidation of existing Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes from Nov 8th, 2016) is a hot topic these days. So much of debates and arguments about its benefits and disadvantages.  Also the pain common people need to go through. 
Don’t want to comment and go deep into that in this scribble. 

However,  I feel the value of money has gone up personally!  Though we do most of the transactions cashless,  when you get some lower denomination currency,  you feel secured for your daily life…. What a paradox! 

Today,  finally I got change for my new Rs. 2000 currency.  I feel rich! At the same time Kanjoos*! 😃

Also,  I tried to educate two roadside shop guys about cashless and how easy it could be.  😇

Hope,  we get long term benefits for our country. 

I think,  we can patiently support the initiative for our country.  Struggles are not new for us! May be this struggle is for a new positive era of our country…. 

So,  please help the very common people around you.  Try to give awareness in banking,  help to get lower denomination currency if they are in real need.  

Also, please go cashless as much possible…It is easy and there are many ways. (Especially  UPI(Unified Payment Interface) based payments.  Many banks support it.  Just do an internet search, you will get a lot of info and tools). It makes all transactions more transparent and white! 

When you go to a shop where you cannot be cashless,  just tell them about the easiness and advantages of being cashless.  If needed help them to become one! You don’t  lose anything,  but may be through you,  one more person becomes cashless in India!!! 

Lets hope for the best! 

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining…. 😊😇

Tailpiece: Being critic constructively is good. So, please continue your strong views and constructive comments to improve the Demonitization implementation.  However,  helping and giving awareness to our fellow men are definitely great steps from an individual in the current situation! 


*Kanjus/Kanjoos‘ in Hindi meanssomeone who is very pickey in spending or giving money, a stingy person. Its origins lie in Urdu language, where it literally means to be ‘hard-fisted’ used figuratively for a person who holds on to his money tightly. Thus English substitute for this word would be ‘miser’


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