Cashless without Smartphone and Internet


Let the arguments and constructive critisism be on! Let’s see what way we can help the people in this current demonitization situation in India.

How can one do financial transactions without internet and without a smartphone?

National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP):

  • Provides users access to their bank accounts from their normal GSM phones using a normal voice call.
  • What is needed?
    • A Bank Account
    • A mobile phone with valid mobile number
    • Register your mobile number to the bank account (you can do at ATM or Bank Branch)
  • Uses the service called Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, that is available to all GSM mobile phones
  • The user dials *99# on the mobile phone to access the banking menu.
  • On dialling *99# on the phone, the user has to enter either the first four digits of their bank’s IFSC code or the Short Code [ List of shortcode available :]
    • Example : For State Bank of India : SBI
    • Or directly dial : *99*41#
  • The service is functional around the clock, and even on holidays.
  • Some features are available in 12 different languages. USSD codes from different language :
How do I use the NUUP service?
The Service is available to all customers having a Bank account. A customer needs to register himself/herself for mobile banking. The customers already using mobile banking service will be able to use the service over USSD without any additional registration by just dialling *99# from their handset. The users, not registered for mobile banking service have to contact their respective banks for the registration
Do TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) charges for this service?
Yes, TSPs will charge for accessing NUUP service. Please contact your Telecom Service Provider to know the exact cost for using NUUP service. However, the TRAI has set maximum ceiling is Rs. 1.50/transaction for accessing the NUUP service.
Is there any transaction limit set for the NUUP services?
RBI, in its guidelines for Mobile Banking Service, has prescribed a ceiling of Rs. 5000 per transaction for NUUP. (per day limit)
Is the beneficiary customer also required to register for Mobile Banking under NUUP, for receiving funds using NUUP?
No, beneficiary needs not to be registered for receiving money using Account Number/Aadhaar Number. However, in case of receiving money using (Mobile No. & MMID), beneficiary customer should approach his bank for getting MMID.


How do I transfer money using NUUP?

Dial *99#, provide the bank code to enter to the account

  • Select the option to transfer money
  • You can transfer using IFSC code and Bank Account OR using MMID (Mobile ID which you get from the bank when you register for mobile banking)
  • Provide the amount
  • Using Mobile PIN number you can transfer.


a) Whoever reads this blog will have smartphone, internet etc. So it may not be applicable for you, but please do not discard!

b) If you think this information can help others please share it through whichver channel possible. Also help the maid or daily wage workers etc. It can be a help for them!

c) This is very less known, though it has been available for more than 2 years [*99# service was dedicated to the nation by the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on 28th August 2014 as part of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY).

d) If you know any other methods that can help such less privileged people, please add the info in comments.


paytm has come up with a dial in number from GSM phone 1800 1800 1234 to do transactions without internet and smartphone. The transfer can be done from a paytm wallet to another.

However, for paytm registration you need to go to or take help from a person who has a smartphone and internet. Also for adding money, you need to go to cash-in centers.

Keep Smiling , Keep Shining! 🙂

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