Why are we eating GOD?!


Game of cricket is in full swing…Papa and boys were hitting boundaries to kitchen!

Mama’s call for dinner came without any sports(wo)man spirit! 😉

Mama: “Papa, please come for dinner!”

Jerry(4yrs boy): “No!” (Affirm and Confirm!:)

Mama: “I called Papa, not you!”

Jerry: “We cannot come!” (He did not care whom did Mama call 😉

After several calls, Papa realized that, the food is already on the dining table. It is time before the situation gets hotter and food gets colder! 🙂

Papa: “Boys, this is the last ball. Then, after dinner, we play again”

Tom(11yrs boy): “We should play again ok?”

(before further discussion..)

Jerry: “No, we should play now only!”

Papa:”Jerry, Let’s eat and then play! We should not let the food wait! That is not good”

Tom:”Yeah, we should not let the food wait, Jerry! Let’s go for dinner!”

Jerry: “Why food should not wait!??”

Papa: “Food is God!”

Jerry: “Why are we eating GOD?!”

Sudden Silence!  Subsequent Laughter!! 

Tailpiece: Tom  explained that food goes inside and gives energy. Energy is God! God is within us! He continued in length and breadth to answer that question…though not sure it was convincing to Jerry! ;))

Btb, author did not put too much of creativity for this story! 🙂

Keep Smiling!

Pic: https://pixabay.com/en/eat-fork-knife-good-appetite-1014025/ [Free Licensed]

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