Papa, It’s dark outside!


Tom and Jerry are back!!

“How much more time Tom?”
“10 minutes more”
Mama was very anxious why the 30 minutes laptop time is not getting over for Tom(11yrs Boy) and Jerry(4yrs boy)!These days, boys are more keen on watching their favorite animation shows on laptop and TV. Tom and Jerry will be very nice and silent when TV or laptop with their program is on!

Now the night show of animation on the laptop is getting over.
“Tom, it is already 8pm. Do you have any homework for tomorrow?”
Papa was anxious more on homework! 😉
“Papa, I am a good boy, already finished my homework!” Tom was very excited to say yes!!! (for a change!)
“Papa, me too good boy!” Jerry also answered!
Laptop time is over. Boys on the bed, planning the next gaming actions!

Papa went to Tom and Jerry.
Tom: “Papa, shall we play?”
Papa: “Sure, let’s play. But before playing, I want to tell you something important Tom….”
Tom was ready and prepared for a good habit talk from Papa!

Papa: “Tom, you should also spend some time seeing things around, rather than only getting stuck with TV, laptop and mobile. The world is so beautiful. We need to observe, then we can see very special things in this world!”
Tom:”m…Yes, Papa!”
Jerry: “No, Papa, it is dark outside!”
A sudden silence! Then, non stop laughter and gaming time together!
Here the world is really beautiful!

Pic: google freelicensed

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