A tiny thingy!


“Come fast Rony! Today we got a new ball!”

That is usual! They call and Rony replies! He will be sending at least 3 messages before reaching the volleyball court: “In 5 min”, “On my way” and “Almost there!” 😉

Oh, what happened? Game not yet started.

“Boys, why not started yet?”

“New ball, no air! Pump is there, no pump pin!”

They searched for one. Everyone called home and asked to search! All in vain.

All “boys” sat disappointed! [You know, all these “boys” are fathers of 1 or more children and working in big big companies…..! We are at their weekend volleyball court now!]

A high quality brand new volleyball; a nice pump to fill air; but cannot play! 

They got frustrated and felt helpless!

“Papa, see this small thingy!” Rony’s 5 yr old boy distracted him from disappointment!

Rony could not believe it! “Ball pump pin!”

“Boys” jumped in ecstacy! Worldcup Victory! 😉

5 Yr Boy could not understand what happened! He was in air, thrown by “boys”! 🙂


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