Eureka! What a find! 

It was bedtime! Jerry(~5yrs) was doing usual circus on the bed. Papa was the ring master😉

Mama: “Can you open the laptop lid and see?” 

Papa: “What is there?” 

Papa found a small piece of paper…. After few seconds, his face expanded with surprise ; then became so happy and bright!! 

Papa: “Too much! Where did you find this….?” 

Mama: “….  found in one of the old bags….” 

Papa: “Tom, Tom, come, see this!!” 

Tom(~12yrs) was reading. Usually 5 loud calls may get one “haaa”  response, then silence. But this time, after second call, Tom came running. 

Papa gave that sheet to Tom. Tom could not stop laughing…. 

Tom: “Mama, you are too much….How could you trouble my jerry to take his eye length? Nose length…..and lip length?” 

(He continued to laugh) 

Tom:”Papa, let’s take….. ”

Papa:” Start writing Tom! ”

Before Tom asked  Papa to take the new measurements, Papa was ready with tape! 

But Jerry has to be ready! He looks to be interested in these funny measurements…. So, we have a chance! 

They started….” Height”, “Leg length” 

Tom was noting and Papa was measuring. Papa had enough fun in measuring, as Jerry was continuing his circus time😂

This time Mama had a relaxing laughing time, for a change! 😉

Finally Tom told: “Ear”, “Neck circumference”….. 

Mama: “These also were there?” 

Tom could not control his laughter… 

Papa saw the paper….Ear and Neck Circumference were new additions by Tom… 😃

Still Tom was really confused…. 

Tom:”You naughty could you do this to a sleeping baby Jerry…….? “😆

Mama couldn’t answer, rather no gap to breath…. 😂

Tom:” Hey Jerry, why are you laughing..?”😉

Jerry: “Got tickled when papa took belly measurement….” 

Papa: Eureka….. What a find… My next blog topic!!! 

Bedtime is getting late…… 

Good Night, Sweet Dreams…. 😇

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