My Mom has a garden…

…..not only my mom, many of your moms also have garden; a garden of kids!!

When kids like us are away from them…..these plants become their kids and companions! At times, those kids make them super happy with colors and fragrance…..!

This time when I went home for a very short visit, I happened to observe my “siblings” in my mom’s garden, and their gifts to my mom….My mom often denies to leave you even for a day…!MyMomHasAGarden

Thank you for making my mom happy and engaged everyday! Her happiness makes her healthy! Thank you!

….I could feel the feather touch of my mother’s fingers on them….

You are also blessed like me!

pics: Shots from my mom’s garden using HTC G728 mobile phone.



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35 thoughts on “My Mom has a garden…”

    1. Thanks a lot. Love your love for flowers. Often feel guilty for staying away from my mom, also she is reluctant to leave home, though alone! But now I realize, she is not really alone. That makes me relieved a bit…..

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  1. I loved your post . It is so true when children grow up and make lives of their own parents share their thoughts and happiness with their pets and gardens.Very wonderful thoughts and.. so well expressed A mother’s heart has lots of love to impart that is why she has the prettiest garden.

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  2. Yes! I have never thought of this. My mother started to get very involved with the garden after I left home. She died many years ago and after her funeral I was out in the garden trying to tidy things up before the visitors arrived. I wanted it to look neat as she would not have wanted people to see it not looking like she had kept it. This is a lovely post. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you Anne. Nice to know about your lovely Mom and her garden. Actually when you were cleaning, your “siblings” were very happy to have you there…. Thanks for a touching comment…. 😇🙏

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