Helping makes you happier?


My answer is Yes! When you help a needy person, your heart gets activated with positive energy. I believe, when you do something good for others, you feel good and become happier, esp when it gives smiles to others!

Happened to see a research report from Oxford University on this topic “Effect performing acts of kindness  on the well being of the actor” (Detailed report here). In the conclusion, they mention as

Helping others makes you happy, but the effect is relatively modest.”

The report derives(from available data) that, though it makes you happy, the effect is not very high or significant! Also they just left saying, more research based on the type of help could give more accurate results. They used some specific set of other studies and data for their analysis.

However, from personal experiences and what I hear from others, the moments where you become a reason (whatever small) for some other to smile, your heart becomes compassionate and feels so happy. Also it refreshes your brain. Overall it makes you bright! So I believe, helping or doing something good (based on the result), makes you happier and the impact is not just moderate, rather, it is significant on your heart and brain. It adds a lot of harmony to you your life!

One point is important, you need to be aware what you are doing. Example, if you simple arrange a fixed money every month to some social support activities, OR, you give some financial support without knowing the cause or the details of the purpose, you may not feel much. Because, you ‘just give’ money and not really aware how it helps someone. (or don’t care?!). However, being aware on the support that you give, to whom and how it helps, is entirely a different situation. This awareness (is not really to make you proud), makes you more effective in doing better such actions, also, it makes you happier.

The help does not need to be only financial! The help does not need to be big! The help need not be only to outsiders (to your family)! Just think, how to make others smile, when they are unable to!

So, IMO, making others smile gives you more smiles; smiles from top! It has the power to perfume the whole world! 🙂

Wanna try? Why don’t you try today/tonight? 🙂

Spread Smiles, Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

pic: google free-licensed.


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