Next Station!


The train is full! As usual!
The passengers are still trying to squeeze in; to move to their next stations!

“Oh, we are lucky! We got seats!”  Sam told Meera.
They were very happy, though they did not finalise their next station. They could leave something dearer behind to proceed; something that gave happiness all the while?!

Still, they were very happy;  yet to finalise their next station!

The train has started from that station to its next!

pic : Google Free Licensed

19 thoughts on “Next Station!”

  1. Next station is like our life journey….where we don’t know where to go and what is coming next ….we are just waiting for next station to come……. is it what u trying to say 😇

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    1. You got it right…. And something more, even if you know your destination when you reach there, you think next is better. For that, you may lose something which you have all the while. In fact, the dedication is keep changing, as we are unable to reach contentment…..Yes, your thoughts on the next station is in the correct line…thanks for reading 😇🙏

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    1. Thanks a lot. Many times destination is a myth, though we don’t realise it in the first place. I added some lines in a reply to another friend. Should be there in comments.

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