Rain and Earth…


(Before the rain) Earth: “You touch me; the lava in me cools; a breeze caress my soul! Hey rain, your fingers are magically divine! I am thirsty and my cracked lips are longing for your droplets! Effuse your mystical power, infuse in me!”

Melted Rain’s heart: “How fast, How strong I can…Earth should not cry anymore!”

Heavy downpour…deluge!

(During the flood) Earth: “You ripped through….my lips are torn apart, strong chest shattered, breath stifled….
I can’t, I can’t anymore…
Please go back! Please go back to your senses and reality!!
Because….you don’t understand YOU…, and me!”

Rain: “Yes…., Let me go back….I am going back…! But I realize the truth – I cannot avoid a comeback! DO YOU?”

English version of മഴയും മണ്ണും… based on the request from nathaswami




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