Profit and loss..!

He screamed at her!
“How foolish you can be? Don’t you know basic maths? We bought it for 100 and you gave it away for 80…!!”

He banged both the hands on the table…poor flower vase..!!
She started picking scattered glass pieces of the flower vase.

“How dare you to ignore me and act as if nothing happened..!”
She stopped and stood drooping! She did not know what to do.

Her brain was benumbed!

“… At least you should know we run this business not for charity. There are 3 to 4 families depending on the profit of this! Stupid..”
His anguish and helplessness were mounting  on 80 – 100 !!
She kept the stupidity on her face!!
Her mind was wandering and perplexed on maths of profit and loss. After all it is just 20!
Does it really affect us? But for that boy and family……?

She opened the drawer again….still the boy’s sweat on those coins..!

“Even if you count 100 times, it will be 80 only”
Simon shouted impulsively!!

She quickly closed the drawer; stood drooped!
Simon’s face was still red! She was expecting a slap any moment!

“Hello anyone? Excuse me..!”
Someone at the shop! 
She was about to move…But he stopped her forcefully. 
“You should not come, be here. I will handle the customer” 
Simon went to the customer abruptly…

“Sir, do you have coins for 100”
“No, no coins, please go” Simon was in the same flow!
“Oh ok…I wanted to buy that, which is 70, but only have 100. It’s alright, will get from the next shop” 
“Oh no! I have 30 change!”
“It’s fine, let me try the next shop….!”
The customer walked away quickly.

He was shocked! 
70, 40 and profit of 30…! He banged his head! Again loss…; loss of 30 and 40! He stared at that antique piece helplessly..!

She called the customer running behind him…
“Sir, it was a new arrival and we have an offer of 10% discount”

She packed the item for 63.
63 40 and profit of 23…! He was happy with the new maths of profit and loss!

She stood drooped…
“…still how can you sell it for 80??'” He could not come out of the old profit and loss, yet!

“Rita Rita, I sold it for 120!!”
The boy sounded like a big loudspeaker!
She quickly went to the boy! The boy was jumping with ecstasy….

“…see Rita….I got 120….120…..”

He was floating…and showing the money up high!!

“Rita, I need only 10 for my family today, take this 30 and total I pay 110 for it. But, but, you are giving me this job everyday!! I can, I can sell it…, I can sell…!”
He was gasping, hopeful and confident!

Rita looked at Simon…! Simon was just coming out of his delusion..!
His eyes were deeply in quest!

She looked at the boy’s blue sparkling eyes…the whole sky there!!
She took 20 from the boy and kept a side all the calculations of profit and loss for tomorrow, and…then started picking the remains of the flower vase!

pic : created in inkscape manually

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