9 thoughts on “Keep Growing! (wall planters diy)”

    1. No need at all.
      When the water level comes down, you can fill.(once a week or so , depending on the size of the bottle and plants)
      Once you start seeing the water is no so good, you can change the complete water, gently wash the roots. (May be over a month or so)
      Actually they are less maintenance ones 👍
      Preferably use filtered water if your tap source is harder. Else there are chances of white scales on the bottles. It will be hard to clean it!!

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      1. Thanks for replying and explaining it all. Unfortunately here in India (Bombay) mosquitoes breed on stagnant water.

        Long back I tried growing a simple money plant in water and didn’t take notice and I wonder these sick mosquitoes larvae emerged. Since then I never thought of growing water plants though they are so easy to maintain.

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        1. Hi BB, i am Bangalore.
          Keep it inside and have an initial observation time. I have close to 50 water plants in bottles, cups etc. No mosquito issue so far. I keep adding to this collection regularly. Please start with 2 3 clean bottles with clean water. Try. You will get success!!


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