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Magic of Time! 

All memories are sweeter… 

When time waves its magic wand! 

Let’s welcome sweeter and color rich! 

Water flows through the paths it finds,  making amazing changes! 

Invincible we, 

Let’s welcome a new year for wonders.. 

Happy New Year! 

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining! 


Photo: Clicked during last night dinner with mobile(HTC G728) 

Puttu and Rasam! [പുട്ടും രസവും !]


I love the combination of Puttu and Rasam.

If not tried, just go ahead; no second thoughts

During yesterday’s breakfast, I found the look of the puttu with rasam very interesting, so the photographer  in me (huh!) worked 😉 

If you have any recipe in your blog for any of these, please add the link in the comments. I can update to this post.

Information on Puttu and Rasam (For Non South Indian Readers!) [ btb, south indian readers will laugh at me for writing and explaining about Puttu and Rasam ;))  ]

Puttu : It is a very common breakfast , and sometimes dinner (some people loves it for lunch as well with Chicken curry! 😉 . Puttu is made of rice(mainly, but not limited to) flour and eaten with variety of combinations of side dishes! Please see the wiki page here and google for images and recipes.

Puttu pronounced [ˈputtu], (Malayalam: പുട്ട്), (Tamil: புட்டு), (Sinhala පිට්ටු ) is a breakfast dish highly popular in Kerala also available in border regions of Tamil Nadu , Kanara region of Karnataka and Sri Lanka.

Rasam: It is a common curry (Chaaru/Saaru) in South India. The Puli(Tamarin) Rasam in Kerala/Tamilnadu, I just love it:) You can find the wikipage here and google for images and recipes

Photo: Mobile Camera, HTC G728