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World through photos!

The Butterfly cannot die!


Jerry: “Papa, where is that wing?”
Papa: “Which wing? What for?”

Jerry: “That butterfly wing, which we got near our sunflower plant..”
Papa: “It would have been swept away!”
Jerry: “What? I kept it near the sofa. I want it!!”
He ran out and started searching…Papa joined, though he did not know what’s happening!

Jerry: “Hey Papa, got it, got it!!”
He was in ecstasy!

Papa: “Oh, you want it for artwork in school…”
Jerry: “No! I want the other parts of this butterfly also. It will work, It will work!!”
He was so confident. He was observing that butterfly wing eagerly.

Papa: ” What will work?”
Jerry: “Come on Papa! You don’t know? We need to get other parts and join. It will fly again!”
Papa was at sea!

Papa: “Jerry, the butterfly is dead. Even if you join the parts, a dead butterfly cannot fly!”
Jerry: “Yes, if you simply join the parts, it will not work! But, if you get the correct parts, and fit it correctly, it will fly!”
Papa: “…actually it was dead…..” (He could not complete!)

Jerry: “…..that butterfly cannot die! I will get the remaining parts and join them. I will show you how it can fly again….!”
Papa failed to convince him. His conviction was so strong!

There was a cocoon beginning to show below the sunflower leaf!

Yes, the butterfly cannot die!

pic: Shot@home, the same Jerry’s butterfly wing! 😉


Shower of Whites!

Nature amazes us everyday! This time it showered white beauty in our backyard!

04th June, 2017 – Morning:

We saw its buds! Getting ready…Each of them reflected the wonder inside!



04th June, 2017- Night….Mid-Night!:

The wonder of whites blessed us! We enjoyed it through to early morning 🙂 


This flower is known as Nishagandhi in India, as it blooms only at night. It also known as Brahma Kamal, as it is considered as divine! It is believed that the wishes of people who pray to God while the flower is blooming will be fulfilled!!

It blooms at night & this “Queen of the Night”, amazes us with its bright white beauty and divine fragrance, just for few hours!


One interesting thing is that the flower comes from the edges of thick leafs. Flowers are produced from flattened portions of leafy stem, and are up through 30 cm long and 17 cm wide. It takes almost 20 days for the buds to bloom (from the very initial budding state).

But when it starts opening its petals….it is a sight to watch!

You will fall in love with this delicate flower, as it spreads a lovely fragrance along with its bright white ‘light’ at night! 🙂


It is considered as ‘Beauty (woman) under the moon’ in Japanese (called Gekka Bijin and has rich history there). 

Brahma kamal is also a medicinal herb. The plant is used in homeopathy and recommended for urinary tract infections, for heart conditions such severe pain of angina, for spasmodic pain and hemorrhage . The juice of the plant can be used for bladder infections, shortness of breath and water retention. Applied externally, it has been used for rheumatism.


If you observe closely, you can find a “cradle” inside this flower. Hence, this is called Bethlehem Lily, symbolizes divine birth of Jesus!


It is so soft…delicate…and along with its heavenly fragrance, it leaves a tender touch; an everlasting one to your senses!


Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

Photos: Thank God, we shot it at our backyard 🙂

 Canon EOS 600D,75-300mm. (The last collage snaps are taken using HTC 628 Mobile.)

Note: Please go through the links in the post to get more info / just google 😉


A Divine Message… 

My Dear Friends,

In India, a small southern state known as Kerala celebrates a festival called Vishu today.  It is a kind of new year for Hindu friends in the state. Incidently, it is also Good Friday today.  So all the Christian friends are in prayers, recollecting a great sacrifice….

What a divine day today…. (14th April, 2017).

One side, it makes a mark on new start with all happiness, the other side it shows a divine  sacrifice to end sins of the world. However, in two days, it turns to be the happiest day of Easter for Christian friends.

A great message from God…. 

“Joy and Sorrow are just two shades of life. In reality they are the same and volatile. It’s all from within…I am within you when you feel happy and sad.. always. Be positive and accept the reality of life. You are all blessed and you all come from the same seed, irrespective of your color, cast and country.” 

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining….


Pic: Our home decoration today . Shot with HTC G728 mobile. 

Please follow the links in the post for more details. 


My Mom has a garden…

…..not only my mom, many of your moms also have garden; a garden of kids!!

When kids like us are away from them…..these plants become their kids and companions! At times, those kids make them super happy with colors and fragrance…..!

This time when I went home for a very short visit, I happened to observe my “siblings” in my mom’s garden, and their gifts to my mom….My mom often denies to leave you even for a day…!MyMomHasAGarden

Thank you for making my mom happy and engaged everyday! Her happiness makes her healthy! Thank you!

….I could feel the feather touch of my mother’s fingers on them….

You are also blessed like me!

pics: Shots from my mom’s garden using HTC G728 mobile phone.