They are committed to each,
Felt inseparable!
A thunder storm, she got scared;
Wanted to go back home;
She wanted to apologize, yet…,
He has already left!
They were committed!

Two other birds locked wings together;
Thunder stuck their souls;
They are not committed, yet…
They are inseparable!

No ways are wrong, yet..
Take you to different places!

She reached home, him as well;
They live in past;
A past they want in future, yet…
Without a thunder storm!

Illusion at times feel real;
Not the other-way round!

No ways are wrong, yet..
Take you to different places!

Pic: Google Free licensed.


തുള്ളി പെയ്തതില്ല;
നീരോ ചാറിയില്ല!
വാക്കുകൾ കൊന്നു നീ,
കര തിന്നും,
കരൾ നീറ്റിയും നീ….!

കണ്ണടക്കുന്നു ഞാൻ,
കൂടെ വരാം!
നാണുവിൻ പാടവും,
ചിരുതതൻ പൈയ്യും
കാണാതെ പോയിടാം!

നാടിനെ കൊന്നും
നാവടക്കിയും നീ,

തുള്ളി പെയ്തതില്ല…
നീരോ ചാറിയില്ല;

pic: Google Free Licensed.

Infuse to Diffuse!

Wow, what a wonderful world…

Wow, too much to explore!

I wanted to fly high!

I wanted to explore!

Don’t fly high to lose,

Don’t fly high to die!

There is time to fly high;

There is time to explore!

I waited for the weather!

I waited for that day!

You can’t even fly this much?

Sarcasm infused fear;

Fear to inability!

My wings idled, me too!

I wanted to explore;


I want to exist!

Oh, someone pecking…

I am out of nest

I am hungry!

Weather is gloomy,

Me hopeless!

I want to exist;

I have to fly,

Fly to survive!

Many fly with me;

We survive,

We just exist!

Wow, what a world!

Wow, we are infused;

Infused to exist!

Oh, a kite flying high;

His bravery amazed;

Inspired all of us!

He was infused to diffuse???


Pic: Google free licensed, added text.


Village Assembled;

Audience anxious;

Speaker streamed strong :

“..together we win any;

Invincible we are;

We need to collaborate 

Then we realize our potential!… ”

Crowd motivated;

Heated up;


Took (re) oath! 

” Tiger,  Tiger…! ”

Shouted and Screamed some. 

Village disassembled;

Oaths appeared on the tree braches;

notorious notion remained:

“The oaths are for the next (re) use!”

Pic: Derived from Mahatma Gandhi’s Quote on Real Unity.