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English Poems

With My Father!

Nice beach!
Talking and Walking
With you, I was safe;
Happy and learning!

Beautiful Garden!
Tilling and toiling
With you, I was joyful;
Connected and bound to!

Needy Street!
Serving and Giving
With you, I was soulful;
Growing boundless!

Never could I walk with you
To that nice beach;
Never to that garden;
Never to that street!

I then longed a lot,
The beach, the garden
And the street walking;
You then could not!

Still you taught me
How to be happy,
How to be caring, and,
What is in giving!

You were busy!
All the time hectic!
Before that fiery oven
At that little cafe!

Later, you became busier!
At that big iron gate
Securing the big play house!

I was safe
I was learning
I was happy;
Eating, Sleeping
And Growing!

On that day,
Severe pain you were in;
Breathless and restless!
Said I, “You will be alright!”
You did look at me,
Stayed for a while;
The silence was horrible;
Yet you blessed!

*** *** ***
Papa, today beach for sure!”
I looked at my little one,
He smiled, I joined!

Deflected Reflections!


Reflection in the mirror
Daily he digs deep!
Looks young as yesterday?
Looks young as today morning?
The mirror just reflects;
Deflected in him!

New mirror,
New reflection
Old soul, old mind and body
The mirror just reflects;
The way he deflects!

Lives eternal;
Does what not!

Wrinkled skin;
Visible bones;
White hairs;
Cracked lips;
Teeth scarce;
Deep eyes;
Shallow sight!

“Hey, You look so young”
His younger commented!!
He towed him to the mirror
He towed him to the deflections!

Buried rays want a resurrection,
Yet succumbed!

Mirror asked:
“Shall I reflect your life? “
He said:
” Wait, let me blacken my hairs!!”

pic: Google Free Licensed



They are committed to each,
Felt inseparable!
A thunder storm, she got scared;
Wanted to go back home;
She wanted to apologize, yet…,
He has already left!
They were committed!

Two other birds locked wings together;
Thunder stuck their souls;
They are not committed, yet…
They are inseparable!

No ways are wrong, yet..
Take you to different places!

She reached home, him as well;
They live in past;
A past they want in future, yet…
Without a thunder storm!

Illusion at times feel real;
Not the other-way round!

No ways are wrong, yet..
Take you to different places!

Pic: Google Free licensed.

Infuse to Diffuse!

Wow, what a wonderful world…

Wow, too much to explore!

I wanted to fly high!

I wanted to explore!

Don’t fly high to lose,

Don’t fly high to die!

There is time to fly high;

There is time to explore!

I waited for the weather!

I waited for that day!

You can’t even fly this much?

Sarcasm infused fear;

Fear to inability!

My wings idled, me too!

I wanted to explore;


I want to exist!

Oh, someone pecking…

I am out of nest

I am hungry!

Weather is gloomy,

Me hopeless!

I want to exist;

I have to fly,

Fly to survive!

Many fly with me;

We survive,

We just exist!

Wow, what a world!

Wow, we are infused;

Infused to exist!

Oh, a kite flying high;

His bravery amazed;

Inspired all of us!

He was infused to diffuse???


Pic: Google free licensed, added text.


Village Assembled;

Audience anxious;

Speaker streamed strong :

“..together we win any;

Invincible we are;

We need to collaborate 

Then we realize our potential!… ”

Crowd motivated;

Heated up;


Took (re) oath! 

” Tiger,  Tiger…! ”

Shouted and Screamed some. 

Village disassembled;

Oaths appeared on the tree braches;

notorious notion remained:

“The oaths are for the next (re) use!”

Pic: Derived from Mahatma Gandhi’s Quote on Real Unity.