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“You started de-evolving..” (A Tom&Jerry Story)

monkey_eating_bananaboysA Tom&Jerry Story! (Tom: A 12yr boy; Jerry: A 5yr boy)

It was really a tiring day, but so much of fun they had!
Tom, Jerry, Mama and Papa came back from a day outing.
Jerry slept by the time they reached.
(So, no role for him in this ‘Tom&Jerry’ story? Just wait and see!)

After a quick body-wash, they sat for tea/snacks.

Papa: “The day was so good and we enjoyed a lot!”
Tom: “I had fun skating and playing with Jerry…”
Mama: “Very crowded, though!”
Jerry: <Hey, he is sleeping!>

Mama got hot garlic bread!
Tom and Papa love it! (Esp when they are really hungry like this! 🙂
Bread vanished in a jiffy! Papa still hungry!
He found some lovely tiny bananas. He started 1, 2, 3….

Papa: “These bananas are so yummy, though it is so tiny!”
Mama: “It will be a good exercise for your hand, eating so much!”
Tom: “Oops, was it a joke? Forgot to laugh” (Told very seriously!)
(He ran! Mama was too tired to chase and finished it with a stare!)

“Hey, it moved! Really moved”…..
All three looked each other. No. Not from them!

“Moved. It moved. I win!!”
Oh! Jerry is dreaming!

All three ran to bed. “Boys” and “girl” won’t allow Jerry to dream! 😉
Anyways, quickly Jerry moved on in dream silently! He is smart!!

Papa continued…4, 5….!  (Back to work! :))
Papa: “These days -I don’t know why – I am liking these bananas a lot!”
Mama: “You don’t know??…even I don’t know!!!”
Mama quickly looked at Tom. Lucky! No counter from him this time!
Papa and Tom were showing serious faces to each other! 😉

Tom: “Eureka ….Eureka….I know the reason!”
Papa: “What?”
Tom: “I think you started de-evolving to a monkey! So you started liking bananas more!”
Tom vanished; Papa vanished behind; Laughter rang; Jerry out of the dream!!

pic: google free licensed.

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“…a bulb flying on its own!”(Tom&Jerry Story)




Tom: a 12 yr boy; Jerry: a 5 yr boy


Jerry was feeling sleepy.
Jerry: “Mama, feeling sleepy! Please come”
Mama: “Yeah, coming in two minutes. You brush first!”
Mama is very particular about brushing at night. Huh. Morning also  😉
Jerry: “Already Brushed! I am so sleepy Mama..”
Mama: “When?”
Jerry: “Ok, will do again!” 😉
It is difficult to slip through Mama’s questions!

Mama and Jerry went to bed.
Tom was sitting on the sofa. His head is missing! Oops, it is inside his book!
Papa is busy searching for a topic for his blog post 😉

After Jerry left the scene, a total silence prevailed!

All of a sudden!:
Mama: “Tom, Tom, Papa, Papa…..come….come fast!!!!”
Tom and Papa sensed something urgent and were about to go towards the bedroom….Mama was already rushing out!

Mama: “Come, fast…..see see the window!!!”

Tom and Papa rushed to the window.
Jerry had already climbed up the window.

Tom & Papa (together): “Usual!” :))
Mama: “What?”
Tom: “He climbs and jumps off to the bed, that is usual…”
Papa supported, nodding his head. (Tom & Papa are too much!)  😉

Jerry: “Boys, look at this… flying bulb!”
Tom: “Flying bulb?”
Jerry: “Yes, bulb flying on its own!”

Papa and Tom looked at the window closely…

Wow…firefly! Moving up slowly just outside the window pane!
Jerry was climbing along with it! 🙂

Papa: “It is so cute and moving like a rocket!”
Jerry: “No Papa, it is a bulb flying on its own!”

Papa:”….oh…ok…bulb flying on its own!”
Tom: “Hey Jerry, Papa got a title for his blog post!”
Quickly Jerry came down and looked at papa seriously and said: “Don’t blog this!”

Silence; Smile; Then, all back to the beauty in the dark!
Jerry was not sleepy anymore! 🙂

pic : Google free licensed.

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Next Station!


The train is full! As usual!
The passengers are still trying to squeeze in; to move to their next stations!

“Oh, we are lucky! We got seats!”  Sam told Meera.
They were very happy, though they did not finalise their next station. They could leave something dearer behind to proceed; something that gave happiness all the while?!

Still, they were very happy;  yet to finalise their next station!

The train has started from that station to its next!

pic : Google Free Licensed

if moon does not go at all…? (Tom&Jerry Story)



Tom: a 12 yr boy; Jerry: a 5 yr boy


Jerry :  “Papa, when will mama come back?”

Papa: “Tomorrow”

Jerry: “You said, tomorrow, yesterday also”

Papa: “She got the ticket for tomorrow. It is confirmed, don’t worry!”

(It was papa’s turn to ‘take care’ of the boys for last two days! 😉 )

Papa: “Jerry, come fast, the bus will come..”

Jerry: “Then, let us run!”

Papa did not have a choice! They both ran to the bus stop.

Lucky! School bus was yet to come! Others were also waiting!

Jerry: “Papa, did you keep the water bottle?”

Oops! Papa missed it!

Poor Papa, again ran back to home!

Jerry: “Papa, I will watch for the bus, don’t worry!”

Jerry was trying to console papa.

Papa came back in a jiffy!

Papa: “Bus came?”

Jerry got puzzled!!! 😉 

Jerry: “Papa, how can bus come and I am still here?”

Papa: “Oh, super, that is correct! So bus did not come!” [Papa is too much!!]

Jerry: “Correct!”

Papa kept the water bottle in the side pocket of Jerry’s bag.

Jerry: “Papa, I am thirsty, want water!”

Papa gave him water.

Jerry: “…..that is why I remembered about the water bottle!…” 😉

Papa smiled!

Jerry: “Papa, if the moon does not go at all..what will happen?”

This time papa got puzzled! Waiting for school bus in proper day light, where from moon came suddenly…!!!

Papa (became scientific!) : “Jerry, actually moon is not going anywhere…”

Jerry(brought papa back to real question again! 😉 ) : “Papaaaa……I mean, if sun does not come at all!…”

Papa was preparing some scientific answer…..(!!)

Jerry: “…we will never get up papa, we will never get up!…”

Lucky! Before papa’s scientific answer, Jerry came up with his thoughts on it! 🙂

Papa: “How?”

Jerry: “it will be night all the time… we will be sleeping forever!……”

Papa(still in scientific mood!): “…we don’t sleep all the night right…? at times we get up at night as well….”

Papa, is not too much, he is toooooo much! 😉

Jerry: “..Pappaaa…….even you get up at night, we cannot play…, so let us sleep!” :))

Papa(came back to normal!): “…oh yeah….even if we get up at night, we will be sleepy!! So let us sleep!”

Jerry: “….No Papa, No! Let us go to school..Bus is coming!”

Papa thanked the bus driver! 😉

Tailpiece : This is a Tom&Jerry story, where Tom is on leave 😉

pics: Google free licensed

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Mama, you eat everything! (A Tom&Jerry Story)

Tom : 12 Yrs old boy ;  Jerry: 5yrs old boy.

Jerry: “Mama, do you know who gave bath to Papa today?”

Mama(knows the answer…still acting!): “Give bath to Papa? Who? He should take bath by himself!”

Jerry: “No Mama, Papa was a baby today! Jerry gave bath to Papa today!!”

Mama: “Really? Wow! Jerry is a big boy now!”

Tom:”Mama, do you know who gave bath to me today?”

Mama (continued  acting): “You are also a big boy and you should take bath by yourself!”

Tom:”No Mama, Tom was a baby today! Jerry gave bath to Tom today!!”

He imitated Jerry with same style!

Jerry:”copy-cat….Tom, you copy-cat!….” (He did not like it so much 😉 )

Mama: “So, today was a day for taking bath for all of you together?”

Jerry:”…no mama! Bath Giving day! I like to give bath to all” 😉

Papa: ” Jerry, I will buy an Elephant for you!”

Jerry: “Elephant? Why?”

Tom: “You can give bath to that Elephant everyday….enough area to give bath!…” 😉

Jerry: “No, No”

Papa: “Why? It will be interesting!”

Jerry:”I want a little one….”

Mama:”A little elephant? Papa, you buy a small elephant only. Jerry likes small one!”


Jerry: “No Mama! I want a little baby….”

(Oops! Things are going out of control?! 😉  Still Papa tried to deviate…)

Papa: “Oh, a baby elephant! ok ok….”

Jerry: “No Papa, I want a little baby…a small cute baby….!!!So I can give bath properly….”

Silence….! 😉

Jerry(continued): “Mama, you eat everything….eat well ok?”

Mama(this time no acting! 😉 ): “Eat well?”

Jerry: “Yes Mama! You eat all the time and eat everything! I want a baby!”

Mama: “Why should I eat well for getting a baby?”

Jerry: “Oh…Mama…You don’t know anything!”

Silence…! 🙂

Jerry: “You eat eat and eat, stomach will grow….baby will come..!”

Silence..! All except Jerry were laughing stomach out! 😉

Jerry:”Stop! Stop laughing!”

(Everyone became serious….! 🙂 )

Jerry (with a cute lovely pleading action!): “Please Mama……”

Tom, Papa and Mama together hugged Jerry. He did not know why! 🙂

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pics:Tom&Jerry(thumbnail) – Google free licensed; “Learn from their innocence..” Taken with mobile phone (HTC G728) and processed using Photogrid.

Tom punched Jerry’s stomach! (Tom&Jerry Story)

boysTom & Jerry are back. They are 12yrs and 5yrs lovely brothers…


The night is darker than expected. (If lights are off, no moon and no street lights on, it will be like that only right? 🙂 )

Boys, Mama and Papa slept early that night. Day outing, evening games, friendly fights and Mama’s Special Cheeeeeesy Pizza… wonder; they have to sleep early!

Seeing them sleeping is very blissful….a breeze outside…window curtains dancing….(Come on….too much of cliche setting up of story..please move on…come to the point, come to the point!…. 😉 )

A sudden bang and a scream!

Mama jumped up! (Mama can jump up for any slight movements from Jerry, Tom or Papa. She tells about each of their sleep talking stories 🙂 )

Jerry is on the floor! Sitting and crying loud! (Tom and Papa are still in bliss 😉

Mama: “Oh Jerry….what happened? are you ok?”

(She quickly acted to check and confirmed nothing bad happened…)

Jerry (cry ON): “See, somebody put me down Mama!….and Tom punched my stomach…I did not do anything…!”

Mama: “Oh Boy……It was a dream. You rolled and fell down from the bed. See, Etta is sleeping…”

(Etta=Elder Brother->Tom)

Jerry(looked relieved! 🙂 ): “Dream…..!!! Naughty Dream, it pushed me down…”

Mama: “….see Etta will not hurt you…Tom is your lovely brother…and see…he is sleeping…”

Jerry(smiling now!): “Yes, Mama! Tom is my best friend….but still…..”

Mama:”…why still..?”

Jerry: “…still it is my stomach….even in dream, he should not have done it mama, he should not have done it!…” (End of that sentence, he started weeping again emotionally!)

Mama wanted to laugh, but could not! 🙂

By the time, Papa came out of bliss. (He is always a late comer! 😉

Papa (not fully out of bliss..): “…..what…what happened Jerry…why are you sitting down. Come sleep on the bed!…” (Too much Papa…too much! 🙂 )

Jerry: ” Papa, Tom punched Jerry’s stomach…! Jerry fell down from bed, still Mama says it is ok!…”

Papa(now fully out of bliss!) :”…..what….really….and he is sleeping!”

Jerry: “…it is ok, let Etta sleep. But tell him, don’t punch my stomach in the dream. It is my stomach right?!”

Papa lifted Jerry to the bed and hugged him with a smile to Mama.

Tom is still in bliss. He was murmuring….“I did not do it….I did not do it….”

Jerry: “…..Yes, you did, you did etta, you did!….”

Night was still dark…..They went back to blissful harmony to have lovely dreams for the next day!

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

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pics:Tom&Jerry(thumbnail) – Google free licensed; “Learn from their innocence..” Taken with mobile phone (HTC G728) and processed using Photogrid.


Moon moves with me only!(Another Tom&Jerry Story)

boysTom and Jerry are back again…



Wow, it is so bright, even in the late evening. Moon reflects at its best!
It is a full moon day!

Tom(~12yrs boy) and Jerry(~5yrs boy) are out for a walk with Mama and Papa. Once in a while they go for a casual evening walk.

[Whenever goes out for such walks, esp at night, Tom cannot resist to share his space knowledge and questions! Beware! 😉 ]

Tom: “Papa, look at those stars. Do you know that constellation?”
Papa looked so busy calling someone! 😉

Tom is not ready to leave!
Tom: “Papa, do you know that constellation?” (He pointed a group of stars again)

Papa did not have choice!

Papa (so much of thinking and acting!) : “Ori….Orion..”
Tom: “Perfect!”

Papa was shocked! Got it correct!! ;))
All previous casual walks with Tom did the trick!:))

Jerry could not resist now!. He really wanted to ask something looking at the sky!

Jerry: “Etta, Mama and Papa…..all of you stop…!”
[Etta=Elder Brother]

Tom, Mama and Papa stopped.
Mama: “Why Jerry, why to stop?”

Jerry:”…first… all of you, look at the Moon, it is so bright and full!”

All looked at the beautiful milky moon. Stood without moving!
The next instruction from the boss came in a jiffy! 🙂

Jerry:”Now, you can walk slowly looking at the Moon. I will stand here without moving. ok, go”

Tom got really puzzled, where is it heading to!

Jerry(continued) : “Walk”

Jerry stood looking at the Moon. Tom, Mama and Papa walked few steps looking at the Moon.

Jerry was shouting from behind:
Jerry: “See, the Moon was not moving with any of you!”
He started walking looking at the Moon.
Jerry:”...and now…the moon is moving with me. When I walk, it comes with me. Moon moves only when I walk. It does not move with you!”

Suddenly all three(Tom, Mama and Papa) moved few steps again looking at the moon! …and confirmed something! 😉

Jerry:“Moon moves only when I walk. Moon is my friend!”

The team looked at Jerry! His face was glowing in the moon light.
All put their hands on their heads and shouted with a sad face : “Moon moves only with Jerry and not with us!”

Jerry suddenly became shy! He laughed, ran to Mama and hid his glowing face!

Moon was still waiting for Jerry to walk, with a lovely smile spreading across the world! 🙂

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

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pics: Free images and google free licensed

My Mom has a garden…

…..not only my mom, many of your moms also have garden; a garden of kids!!

When kids like us are away from them…..these plants become their kids and companions! At times, those kids make them super happy with colors and fragrance…..!

This time when I went home for a very short visit, I happened to observe my “siblings” in my mom’s garden, and their gifts to my mom….My mom often denies to leave you even for a day…!MyMomHasAGarden

Thank you for making my mom happy and engaged everyday! Her happiness makes her healthy! Thank you!

….I could feel the feather touch of my mother’s fingers on them….

You are also blessed like me!

pics: Shots from my mom’s garden using HTC G728 mobile phone.


Yes! All happened in hurry!

For a moment Sam was totally at sea!
The boy was crying frantically. He was in a pool of blood…!! Instinctively, Sam could regain what’s happening. He quickly wrapped the boy and put him in the back seat.

After handing over the boy to the emergency team in a near by hospital, he, sat on a chair outside the emergency. His mind was wandering to find an answer….”How did my car hit that boy????Where did he come from….??His left leg was full of blood… Oh God.. ”

Sam tried to recollect his morning… 

” …. went for tennis… Almost during the last game I got that reminder call from Ann. She is going abroad, finally she took that hard decision. After all,  how can she keep waiting for an “indecisive fellow” like me. 

I hurried to start. But friends pulled me for another game. After too much negotiation and telling about the urgency, they agreed to leave. 

Though I was eager to meet Ann,  when I started the car, I told myself and to my legs that I am in a hurry, you must drive very carefully. As I was so aware about that thought, I was very careful and not driving fast at all…. Yes?! 

But where did that boy come from? To pick a ball…? No idea… All happened in a jiffy! 

……. Ann…?

Sam looked at the clock near emergency, Ann’s flight was 10 minutes back! He was not courageous to check his mobile…. Ann…? 

Joy came running.” Sam,  what happened, who is that boy? I informed the manager of our community, they will find his family. How did it happen?  ”

Sam:” His leg got injured, full of blood.. We need to wait another hour to get any update. ”

Joy:” Hope nothing serious.  Because you drove in hurry? By the way Sam, that last game we won..!! ”

Sam gave a strange, helpless look! 

Joy:”…. Wait, let me get some water… ” Joy went for water. He wanted to discard his last statements!

” Nothing to worry” A nurse came and informed Sam. 

Joy was talking to their tennis friends : “… Yeah… May be bit serious. Will come to know in sometime. Leg broken i think… Yes, I think he was in super hurry to meet Ann…” 

Sam:”….. Joy, let’s go to the ward. The boy’s surgery is over and he is moved to the ward. Nothing serious… ”

Sam was still wandering…. Ann..? . Her flight…? I was in hurry… ?  Yes all happened in hurry!!


A pleasant evening. Friends are vigorously fighting for wins at the tennis court. Sam parked the car by the side of the park. He helped Ben to get down from the car. They sat on a bench. 

Ben: “… Uncle, hey look at that green bee eater… Wow.. so cute!” 

Sam: “… Oh yeah… super cool… Sit carefully, let’s take a selfie with green bee eater……” 

Ben:”… super click uncle…. Show me the photo… . ”

They saw the pic… Two heads and an empty branch!! Ben looked at Sam…. 

Sam:” ….. where did it go… when i clicked it was there…. ”

He was searching for the green bee eater…! 

Ben touched his hands and told.. 

” Uncle, some accidents become blessings in our life, right….? 

Sam was still in search of…. green bee eater….., Ann….. and himself…!! 


Pic: Google free licensed 

Eureka! What a find! 

It was bedtime! Jerry(~5yrs) was doing usual circus on the bed. Papa was the ring master😉

Mama: “Can you open the laptop lid and see?” 

Papa: “What is there?” 

Papa found a small piece of paper…. After few seconds, his face expanded with surprise ; then became so happy and bright!! 

Papa: “Too much! Where did you find this….?” 

Mama: “….  found in one of the old bags….” 

Papa: “Tom, Tom, come, see this!!” 

Tom(~12yrs) was reading. Usually 5 loud calls may get one “haaa”  response, then silence. But this time, after second call, Tom came running. 

Papa gave that sheet to Tom. Tom could not stop laughing…. 

Tom: “Mama, you are too much….How could you trouble my jerry to take his eye length? Nose length…..and lip length?” 

(He continued to laugh) 

Tom:”Papa, let’s take….. ”

Papa:” Start writing Tom! ”

Before Tom asked  Papa to take the new measurements, Papa was ready with tape! 

But Jerry has to be ready! He looks to be interested in these funny measurements…. So, we have a chance! 

They started….” Height”, “Leg length” 

Tom was noting and Papa was measuring. Papa had enough fun in measuring, as Jerry was continuing his circus time😂

This time Mama had a relaxing laughing time, for a change! 😉

Finally Tom told: “Ear”, “Neck circumference”….. 

Mama: “These also were there?” 

Tom could not control his laughter… 

Papa saw the paper….Ear and Neck Circumference were new additions by Tom… 😃

Still Tom was really confused…. 

Tom:”You naughty could you do this to a sleeping baby Jerry…….? “😆

Mama couldn’t answer, rather no gap to breath…. 😂

Tom:” Hey Jerry, why are you laughing..?”😉

Jerry: “Got tickled when papa took belly measurement….” 

Papa: Eureka….. What a find… My next blog topic!!! 

Bedtime is getting late…… 

Good Night, Sweet Dreams…. 😇

A tiny thingy!


“Come fast Rony! Today we got a new ball!”

That is usual! They call and Rony replies! He will be sending at least 3 messages before reaching the volleyball court: “In 5 min”, “On my way” and “Almost there!” 😉

Oh, what happened? Game not yet started.

“Boys, why not started yet?”

“New ball, no air! Pump is there, no pump pin!”

They searched for one. Everyone called home and asked to search! All in vain.

All “boys” sat disappointed! [You know, all these “boys” are fathers of 1 or more children and working in big big companies…..! We are at their weekend volleyball court now!]

A high quality brand new volleyball; a nice pump to fill air; but cannot play! 

They got frustrated and felt helpless!

“Papa, see this small thingy!” Rony’s 5 yr old boy distracted him from disappointment!

Rony could not believe it! “Ball pump pin!”

“Boys” jumped in ecstacy! Worldcup Victory! 😉

5 Yr Boy could not understand what happened! He was in air, thrown by “boys”! 🙂

Work Life Balance! 


I like his smile, so innocent and pleasant! If you get it in the morning, a great start for your day! Often, I miss it!

This time I met him one evening; me coming back from office and he is going back home from his work! He is the supervisor for the community we live. Got his smile and a bonus friendly talk…

Me: “Hi Imran, how are you? It’s been a while!”

Imran:”Sir, I am good, how are you?”

Me:”Good good. Finished today’s work?”

Imran: “Yes Sir, going back home”

Me:”How do you go? How far is your home?” [Usual questions I cannot avoid asking in such friendly talks!]

Imran:”Bus Sir. It is around 35km from here”

Me:”35km??? How long will it take to reach?”

Imran:”I reach home around 9.30pm, Sir”

Me: “Oh…so late everyday!”

Imran: “Usually that is a good time; but if the traffic is so bad, can be still late!”

Me:”Oh ok…Let me not take your time Imran, please rush. See you later..”

Imran: “Bye, thank you sir”

I did not want to take any more time from him!

Where is Work Life Balance?!

It is one of the hot topics anytime in office among very senior guys and also the fresh engineers who just came out of college. It all depends on how you see your life and choices available to you! 

Maybe Imran comes to office a little late in the morning….?!

Oh, it is already 7pm. Little one’s instruction was to reach home ‘before night’! I will get some “advice” from him today for sure!

*         *          *              *            *              *                   *                 *

Wow, a super Saturday morning! Morning volleyball triggered me to get ready early. Sent “7.30am” to all playing boys! Yes, boys like me 😉

Usually I reach by 7.30 and spend some time on phone, pulling boys and seeing nature! We are very punctual to start the game finally around 8-8.15am! 😉

I enjoy that waiting time mostly! (Hope our playing boys don’t read this and turn more punctual!!!)

….there comes Imran….It is around 7:50am…! What time he would have started from home to reach here by this time…. Man! That too on-time to office 6 days a week!

Imran, I learn discipline and work life balance from you!

He walked briskly to office giving that simple, yet divine smile…

Boys started coming… we are all off to volleyball!

Pic : Google Freelicense

Papa, It’s dark outside!


Tom and Jerry are back!!

“How much more time Tom?”
“10 minutes more”
Mama was very anxious why the 30 minutes laptop time is not getting over for Tom(11yrs Boy) and Jerry(4yrs boy)!These days, boys are more keen on watching their favorite animation shows on laptop and TV. Tom and Jerry will be very nice and silent when TV or laptop with their program is on!

Now the night show of animation on the laptop is getting over.
“Tom, it is already 8pm. Do you have any homework for tomorrow?”
Papa was anxious more on homework! 😉
“Papa, I am a good boy, already finished my homework!” Tom was very excited to say yes!!! (for a change!)
“Papa, me too good boy!” Jerry also answered!
Laptop time is over. Boys on the bed, planning the next gaming actions!

Papa went to Tom and Jerry.
Tom: “Papa, shall we play?”
Papa: “Sure, let’s play. But before playing, I want to tell you something important Tom….”
Tom was ready and prepared for a good habit talk from Papa!

Papa: “Tom, you should also spend some time seeing things around, rather than only getting stuck with TV, laptop and mobile. The world is so beautiful. We need to observe, then we can see very special things in this world!”
Tom:”m…Yes, Papa!”
Jerry: “No, Papa, it is dark outside!”
A sudden silence! Then, non stop laughter and gaming time together!
Here the world is really beautiful!

Pic: google freelicensed



Pool of blood, a bag and a helmet; and a person…? A scene just flashed.
Manu was driving his wife to doctor.
“Was he alive?
Should I stop?
After stopping what do i do?
It is a busy road, there are many around!”
Manu was driving his wife to doctor.
They reached on time. Met doctor.
Need to reach home as soon as possible; children will come back from school…
He was driving back home.
“Who was that? Anyone would have taken him to hospital? Was he alive first of all…? He or she? He? He also would have started from a home. He also would have a family?…”
Manu’s mind was flooded! He was really sympathetic.
“Anyone would have taken him to hospital? Was he alive?! His eyes were open?”
Manu was not able to come out of his “guilt”.
“I should have stopped immediately”  He thought!
He was driving back home.
“Will he be there; still? No one is there to take a person from road? “
He became anxious!
“Will he be there?
Should I stop?
After stopping….?”
As he was approaching the same spot, he became more and more tensed.
“If he is there…? It is a crowded place. Many people around!”
The same spot; the same turn; pool of blood, a bag and a helmet; and a person?
Manu was nervous!
“Did I see it ? No! Not really!”
No pool of blood, no bag, no helmet!
“Oh, he was taken by someone! Thank God!” Manu was relieved!
He was driving back home; still with the unknown…”is he alive?!”
“Next time, in such situations…..!” He became sympathetic!

Pic: Google Free license 

Why are we eating GOD?!


Game of cricket is in full swing…Papa and boys were hitting boundaries to kitchen!

Mama’s call for dinner came without any sports(wo)man spirit! 😉

Mama: “Papa, please come for dinner!”

Jerry(4yrs boy): “No!” (Affirm and Confirm!:)

Mama: “I called Papa, not you!”

Jerry: “We cannot come!” (He did not care whom did Mama call 😉

After several calls, Papa realized that, the food is already on the dining table. It is time before the situation gets hotter and food gets colder! 🙂

Papa: “Boys, this is the last ball. Then, after dinner, we play again”

Tom(11yrs boy): “We should play again ok?”

(before further discussion..)

Jerry: “No, we should play now only!”

Papa:”Jerry, Let’s eat and then play! We should not let the food wait! That is not good”

Tom:”Yeah, we should not let the food wait, Jerry! Let’s go for dinner!”

Jerry: “Why food should not wait!??”

Papa: “Food is God!”

Jerry: “Why are we eating GOD?!”

Sudden Silence!  Subsequent Laughter!! 

Tailpiece: Tom  explained that food goes inside and gives energy. Energy is God! God is within us! He continued in length and breadth to answer that question…though not sure it was convincing to Jerry! ;))

Btb, author did not put too much of creativity for this story! 🙂

Keep Smiling!

Pic: [Free Licensed]

Child is the father of man(&woman)! :)

The little one was shouting to play pokemon cards. . . .
Now Newton’s third law first! 😃
“Every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. . . !”
The elder was so adamant and said : “I don’t want to play pokemon cards”
Now, Newton’s first law comes into play!
“…an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by  a netforce! “ 😃
“I want to play pokemon cards”
“I don’t want to play pokemon cards”
“I want”
“I don’t want”
Getting repeated the sequence!
Now some netforce is to be applied to break the state!!!
Netforce was applied by Mama on the elder first….!
“Santhanu….just leave it, even if you don’t want to play!….please keep quiet for a moment”
Little one: “I want”
Elder: Silence with helpless look at mom (like “why command to me only!!!”)
Now the state is changed!
Papa came with some peace mission!!
He said to the little one with lot of ‘love’! : “oh my geo boy….you are so lovely like your elder brother! Your elder brother always plays with you and helps you….and you like him the most…right?”
(Papa calls the little one ‘geo boy’ when the love increases too much 😉 )

Before papa completes his mesmerizing and compassionate words…..the little one continued with the same amplitude!  😉 

“I like pokemon the most, not etta” (“etta” means elder brother) 

Elder one felt so sad.
First netforce by Mama, now shock-force by his little brother!!
He walked to his room and embraced his ‘ben10‘ pillow! 😃
Now the little one became helpless…the target person is missing…!
Papa continued his words of truth about love and brother-hood!
“Geo boy…..see, can pokemon take you to the park? can it play with you cricket? can it help you taking bath? can it tell stories for you…..but your lovely bro does all these for you right? I know you love your brother the most….Only because you just want to play pokemon, you said, you love it the most…..But your brother felt so sad….”
Little one became really sad….and started weeping and said….” Papa, I told simply only…..”
Papa: “I know! Just go to your brother and say ‘I love you the most etta…..pokemon is a toy only. I love you the most!’
(Papa is too much and trying so hard to create a drama! 😉  )
Little one gave a serious look to papa. Papa did not know what is going to happen next….
Little one: “What should say….you said…repeat!”
Oops…Papa got a great relief!
Papa:” I love you so much etta…pokemon is a toy only. I love you the most”
Little one:”m….” (not so ready to act like the ‘director’!!)
He went to elder brother.
Now it is elder’s turn! 😃
Elder:”You don’t talk to me! You said, you like pokemon more than me!”
OMG….drama is in anticlimax!!!
The little one broke! Cried loudly with lot of emotions and came back running……
“Papa….Papa……etta did not……not…let me….” (he could not complete!)
Mama could not control……”Santhanooooooooooo……”
Papa intervened again with peace flag and truths of love!!! 😉
“Geo boy….your brother felt so sad when you said you like pokemon the best…hence he reacted like that….i will tell you a trick….”
Papa started showing by acting to Geo boy!
“…see…you just go near him….say 3 feet near…” (showed the little one how to measure 3 feet showing 3 tiles on the floor)
He continued….
“and tell him i love you and then give a kiss on your brother’s hand….that’s all…everything will be alright…”
[This papa will make a scene!!! 😉 ]
By the time…the elder became a little cool…..he slowly was coming out of his room……
The little one:” Papa….you say….you say!!!”
Now papa is in trouble…..He started getting ready to act the scene…..
Papa started his acting…”Etta….I love….” (He turned to the boys telling this emotionally….). But he did not need to complete the scene….!
He saw the elder is holding the little one and the little one was giving kisses to his etta…..
Scene Cut! Smiles unlimited!
Sincere Love…Learn from them!
Child is the father of man (and woman!)

Do you know what is pokemon? It is Pocket Monster –> PokeMon!
Courtesy: Pokemon Fans Association ;))

Photo of pokemon: Google Labelled for reuse with modification.

Photo of boys: Taken with mobile phone (HTC G728) and processed using Photogrid.

Working from home. . .!

Family is back from a vacation. Still in the holiday hang-over. . .

“There are too many small small things to handle at office. If I go to office may not be able to  focus on the urgent report for tomorrow.  Let me work from home today” He thought.

He told wife: “Today, i am working from home. So no need to get my lunch. . . ”

Wife cannot relax anyways.. Busy Busy!  Elder one promptly got ready and went to school.  Thank God.

Now the little boy(studying in LKG)  has to get ready. . . He is still playing around. . .

She called him with lot of love:)

” Tutoooo. . . . come,  let’s get ready. . . . ”

He ran to bed and said. . . ” I am going to sleep. . . . ”

Papa: ” Sleeping. . ? School is there my boy. . . Brother has already left. . . Come. . . Let’s get ready. . . ”

Little Boy: ” Papa,  today I am working from home “

He was closing his eyes and laughing . . .

Papa and Mama joined!


Keep Smiling,  Have a great day!

See the UNseen!


Another cool morning…

My son and me are up for the walk…

I told him “it’s very cold…let’s jog”

He: “Not cold… bit hot I think….”


I looked at him. He was laughing…

He was in a jacket and track pants.

Poor me on a shorts and a thin T-shirt…

He looked at me… and continued to giggle…and ran!

I caught him! 🙂

We continued to enjoy the warm morning 😉

After a while,  he called me from behind. “Papa, come,  watch the sky…”

Me: “Wow…the moon looks amazing”

He:” you saw that star? ”

He pointed to a star… I saw a bright star..

He:”If that star is this bright even in this far and this light conditions, it must be really bright and powerful…”

Like every child, his enthusiasm and exploration started…!

I was about to continue walking. He called again!

He:”Papa, just two minutes wait and look at the sky…. ,more and more stars will appear.. like a magic”

I did! It did appear! Saw a wonder in two minutes at the sky… started filling with bright stars… started seeing the stars which were not there at all! 

It’s magical when you are ready to wait and see!  You see the unseen!

True on earth as well! 


oh forgot the ending note! 😉

….a cool breeze passed us with a smile, and it cares our faces and made us smile!

Keep Smiling!

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I want to become good!


They are very close friends, so open to each other.

He: “I am not spending enough time with my kids and family. Going behind so many things and think that it is needed to take care of my family!”

She:“You are a good father and a husband. You take care of them right?”


She:“But , what!”

He: “I want to become good!” (He felt so subdued!)

She thought for a while…She smiled!

She said: “You, for that matter everyone is good and has Godness within. Being there as good, every moment is what makes the difference, of course challenging”

She could see a little glow on his face.

He: “Godness or Goodness?”

She:”Both are same!”

Sun looks so calm and charming!

He&She: “Oh, time to go home. They will be waiting!”

Both birds fled to their nests…carrying food for their family in their bills

…and carrying Godness in their hearts!