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It was a dream which i penned in Tree&Kite part 1(click here to read)… Their today’s view made me write about them again….
I realized their love was so ardent and they are inseparable!

Tree: “Why you want to fly…. the sun is so hot.  I can give you shade….”

Kite: “I am meant for it!”

Tree: “Who told?”

Kite: “……..who told……?….oh my god….I don’t know…may be the kid who made me?”

Tree:“Yeah! They say all kites are for flying high!”

Kite: “…So can you let me go?”

Tree:”Don’t you like to stay in my shade….?”

Kite:”…but..they told…i am meant for…!”

Tree:”..ok hold me tight! Till you really want to go, unconditionally, be with me. Not for you, but for me! It gives me color!”

Kite looked at Tree’s Eyes. It was reflecting the Kite….and filled! Kite could not speak anything…

Tree:”Do you think I am selfish and stopping you from realizing your real goal in life?”

Kite:”…goal in life?..”

Tree: “The real meaning of your life…!”

Kite:”I can see me in your eyes!”

Kite held the Tree tight…

Wind tore Kite’s beauty; but it could not separate them!



I realize, looking at this picture repeatedly…somethings in life are unexplained;You just live it! 


Tree and Kite… 

Are they happy to meet?
Are they happy to embrace?

Kite told: “I give you more color”

Tree told:” I let you hold me tight”

Kid thought: “How could I lose it”

Father consoled: “We will make another one”

Tree & Kite are happy.

Kid & Father are happy.


Seeing the Kite on the Tree, I told my son “See,  the tree is colorful”

He agreed, then told “… But,  It would have made skye more colorful….. ”


Tree let Kite fly.

Sky is so colorful!

Tree told: “I let you fly high”

Kite told: “I let you get your own beauty”

Tree &  Kite are happy!

Papa and Kid were busy making another colorful Kite.


My son and me back from the morning walk.

If you are interested in part 2 of the story of the same Tree&Kite, please read here!


You killed a spider!

Wow! So cool and breezy! Another wonderful morning…
Appu was so happy today! He is completing 10th day of morning walk with his uncle. He felt so proud! A sweet revenge to Uncle’s sarcastic comments on his ‘will power’!

“Uncle, today we complete 10th day…right..” mellow voice from Appu!

“Oh yeah! You did it!” Uncle smiled.

“Btb, Appu, I owe you a pair of nice running shoes!”

Appu could not believe! “Wow, thank you so much!” Continue reading You killed a spider!

Insult, Punishment and a Smile!


Something happened to Vikas! Mom could easily get her son’s mood as soon as he entered the home.

Vikas did not talk for a while.

Then he started: “Mama, I cannot bear this any more! It has become too bad, including physical!”

Mama was at sea!

He continued: “….he started using nasty words and also beating me without any reason! He insulted me mama…”

Mama asked: “Who is he!”

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Ootta Aayithaa Sir?

Oh, it’s 1′ o clock! Lunch?
Friends all left after their futile wait for him.
They know his 5 minutes is just over 20 minutes, or more sometimes!
He wanted to ask them not to wait for him everyday! However, it never happend!
By the time he joins them, they would have finished their lunch. Still, everyday they come, wait for him. They all like his lunch talks. He picks interesting topics and describes it like stories.
He talks about latest technologies in air-crafts, automotives, mobile, software and most interesting is on daily life…like why you feel nausea in the car for a long drive, what you should do and science behind it…..
Recently, friends started giving him topics to prepare! 🙂
Today, are they waiting?

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Fishing..; More!

I went for fishing for the first time! Just wanted to learn to throw the net and ensure, I can go and come back safe from the sea!
(I just want to go in the sea and come back; Thank you God for a safe trip!)
I went for fishing for the second time! Just wanted to catch few fishes and come back safe!
(I just want to catch few fishes, at least my wife and kids will be delighted! Thank you God for a safe trip; Thank you for those few fishes!)
I went for fishing for third time! Want to catch more fishes and come back..!
(Want to give fishes to my relatives & friends and surprise! Thank God!)

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If we were not there…!

Both boys were searching for talc for carom board.
Mama and papa were in chat at the dining. They were discussing about life!
However, Mama, suddenly provided guidance for boys:
“Go to your room, open the cupboard…middle row, above the drawer.”
Big boy could not find anything there “No Mama, nothing here other than some clothes”
Younger was just looking at the same place with more hopes!
(He saw Mama keeping it some where there grabbing it from him, when he was pouring the talc all over the bed in the morning 😉

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What did he say?

Mama and Papa were very busy in talking. Serious topics about life!
Little boys were busy playing at the living room. They scattered only few toys around to make it difficult to walk!
Though mama was busy talking to papa, she was worried about the hard job of cleaning the living room. (It has become multiple times a day!)
She kept telling(or shouting!) “Boys, don’t make the place messy. Please keep the toys back after playing…..sklajsdladlhdfssklhfa”
Silence from boys.

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