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Āsvās: A place they see God everyday!


We decided to spend a Saturday noon in Āsvās, a place where they serve food for hungry. When we reached, the lunch was in progress. All of a sudden both of our boys became silent and were surprised to see things around. The sight was so touching! So many people in queue, some are already having their meal sitting on the floor or benches or some place where they can sit! More people are coming in….!

Food is God for them…and they see God everyday at this place!!! I mean it! All 365 days, Āsvās serves lunch for 400+ people! The organization believes that there cannot be holiday for hunger! God bless them to sustain their 8 years long noble work forever…

Most of the people are either patients, beggars or left alone by their “near&dear”… We met kids (some just a few months of age)  infected with cancer or such critical diseases. Later we came to know that, most of the destitute who come for food are from a cancer hospital nearby. (Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology). These patients are from various parts of India. Because, Kidwai has discounted treatment, accommodation and of course, Āsvās nearby!

Āsvās also supports them for their medicine, dress materials and more.

We saw young volunteers (some of them are like us working in IT industry in Bangalore) helping in cooking, serving and cleaning. It is their regular weekend activity! Awesome! God Bless them!

We also had lunch there; a tasty, divine lunch!

When you are hungry, whether you are rich or poor, food is the only God you see and pray for!! 

Tailpiece: Younger one (4yrs) asked in between: “Papa, see that baby’s one eye is like a ball, why?” He was pointing to a small boy who has cancerous growth on one of his eyes! I told him in a low voice “He is not well, we should pray for him”!

Thanks to Thomas, our friend for letting us know about Āsvās…

To support them, you can contact Āsvās directly. Also you can share this post in your circles!