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Next Station!


The train is full! As usual!
The passengers are still trying to squeeze in; to move to their next stations!

“Oh, we are lucky! We got seats!”  Sam told Meera.
They were very happy, though they did not finalise their next station. They could leave something dearer behind to proceed; something that gave happiness all the while?!

Still, they were very happy;  yet to finalise their next station!

The train has started from that station to its next!

pic : Google Free Licensed

All Over Roads..!


All over roads…!;

Many more destins. . . ! 

All not for me;

Me can’t take all! 

Which for me? 
Easy for me? 
Happy for me? 

To my destin. . . ?

All over pointers;

To lead me. . . 

Parents. . . 
Friends. . . 
Siblings. . . 
And the world;

All over pointers! 

Darker and Faded,
Red and Green;
Read all! 

Me fell asleep! 

You who woke me up! 
I am on one;

Waying on my way! 

Which pointer
Took me here? 
Whichever. . . . ;

Ways are to way! 

Why this Road. . .? ;

That’s why me here! 

My roads to my destins. . . 
Your roads to your destins. . . 
Our roads always cross;

Crossing to cross! 

Again,  all over roads…;
Destined to my destin, 
I see you there…; 

We relish!

Some thoughts on words:
Waying: Traversing / ‘Weighing’ (Both together as well!)
To way: Traverse / ‘Weigh’ (we keep on doing both!)
Crossing: Cross each other in positive and negative deals of life by me&you(people)

Destin : Destination

Pic Courtesy: Google Free License – Labelled for reuse with modification.