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Rain and Earth…


(Before the rain) Earth: “You touch me; the lava in me cools; a breeze caress my soul! Hey rain, your fingers are magically divine! I am thirsty and my cracked lips are longing for your droplets! Effuse your mystical power, infuse in me!”

Melted Rain’s heart: “How fast, How strong I can…Earth should not cry anymore!”

Heavy downpour…deluge!

(During the flood) Earth: “You ripped through….my lips are torn apart, strong chest shattered, breath stifled….
I can’t, I can’t anymore…
Please go back! Please go back to your senses and reality!!
Because….you don’t understand YOU…, and me!”

Rain: “Yes…., Let me go back….I am going back…! But I realize the truth – I cannot avoid a comeback! DO YOU?”

English version of മഴയും മണ്ണും… based on the request from nathaswami



See the UNseen!


Another cool morning…

My son and me are up for the walk…

I told him “it’s very cold…let’s jog”

He: “Not cold… bit hot I think….”


I looked at him. He was laughing…

He was in a jacket and track pants.

Poor me on a shorts and a thin T-shirt…

He looked at me… and continued to giggle…and ran!

I caught him! 🙂

We continued to enjoy the warm morning 😉

After a while,  he called me from behind. “Papa, come,  watch the sky…”

Me: “Wow…the moon looks amazing”

He:” you saw that star? ”

He pointed to a star… I saw a bright star..

He:”If that star is this bright even in this far and this light conditions, it must be really bright and powerful…”

Like every child, his enthusiasm and exploration started…!

I was about to continue walking. He called again!

He:”Papa, just two minutes wait and look at the sky…. ,more and more stars will appear.. like a magic”

I did! It did appear! Saw a wonder in two minutes at the sky… started filling with bright stars… started seeing the stars which were not there at all! 

It’s magical when you are ready to wait and see!  You see the unseen!

True on earth as well! 


oh forgot the ending note! 😉

….a cool breeze passed us with a smile, and it cares our faces and made us smile!

Keep Smiling!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/natural-light-2-1311745