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Before getting I didn’t know!
After getting they amaze me!
Don’t want to lose…
Small word, yet deep…
A warm shell around me;
In rain, sun or storm;
I write that over n over.
A word powers me
Day in, day out,
Smiles and shines..
Short, yet long…
Yell it loud!

Wrote as a reply to a good morning message from my friend Balaji :

“Everything is valuable

In two situations,

First, before getting it,

Second, after losing it,

In between we dont

Realize the vale of anything!”

Thanks to my friend Balaji again for triggering me writing that word thrice and more – Friends! 🙂

All Over Roads..!


All over roads…!;

Many more destins. . . ! 

All not for me;

Me can’t take all! 

Which for me? 
Easy for me? 
Happy for me? 

To my destin. . . ?

All over pointers;

To lead me. . . 

Parents. . . 
Friends. . . 
Siblings. . . 
And the world;

All over pointers! 

Darker and Faded,
Red and Green;
Read all! 

Me fell asleep! 

You who woke me up! 
I am on one;

Waying on my way! 

Which pointer
Took me here? 
Whichever. . . . ;

Ways are to way! 

Why this Road. . .? ;

That’s why me here! 

My roads to my destins. . . 
Your roads to your destins. . . 
Our roads always cross;

Crossing to cross! 

Again,  all over roads…;
Destined to my destin, 
I see you there…; 

We relish!

Some thoughts on words:
Waying: Traversing / ‘Weighing’ (Both together as well!)
To way: Traverse / ‘Weigh’ (we keep on doing both!)
Crossing: Cross each other in positive and negative deals of life by me&you(people)

Destin : Destination

Pic Courtesy: Google Free License – Labelled for reuse with modification.

Ootta Aayithaa Sir?

Oh, it’s 1′ o clock! Lunch?
Friends all left after their futile wait for him.
They know his 5 minutes is just over 20 minutes, or more sometimes!
He wanted to ask them not to wait for him everyday! However, it never happend!
By the time he joins them, they would have finished their lunch. Still, everyday they come, wait for him. They all like his lunch talks. He picks interesting topics and describes it like stories.
He talks about latest technologies in air-crafts, automotives, mobile, software and most interesting is on daily life…like why you feel nausea in the car for a long drive, what you should do and science behind it…..
Recently, friends started giving him topics to prepare! 🙂
Today, are they waiting?

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