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Alok Sir, how could you do this? I touch your feet!

Do you know Dr. Alok Sagar?

Qualificiation (according to common norms of our society):

  • Engineering Degree from IIT Delhi
  • Master and PhD from Rice University Houston, TX, USA in 1977
  • His ex-students include previous Indian RBI Governor  Raghuram Rajan

Qualificiation which he likes and live with:

  • More than 25 years living and working with tribal people in Betul and Hoshangabad districts of Madhyapradesh as one of them!alok-sagar_from_yourstory

He did not, and did not want to reveal his ‘qualified’ identity. He thought, that is insignificant for his current life. So, more than 25 years, people did not know about ‘him’.He worked with Shramik Adivasi Sangathan to uplift people in those remote villages where no proper roads, no electricity or no facility for education. He lived with tribal people there, planted more than 50,000 trees, started educating kids and became one among them. 

Recently, the district administration had doubts on him and said to him to leave the village due to security reasons. Hence, Alok Sagar was forced to reveal his past. It was shocking and unbelievable for them and whole world.

One way, that helped all of us to know that there are still such noble souls around to make this world more beautiful place to live; esp when we see more of artificial beauty these days!

He was not just another social activist or volunteer who sacrificed his life. He just showed us, how one should value and evaluate his/her life independently. One of the videos, the reporter asks multiple times about his past career, how was his IIT, PhD etc…He just told, it is not relevant now, so cannot tell about it. It shows his sharp view on his life and its purpose!

“In India, people are facing so many problems, 
but people are busy proving their intelligence 
by showing their degrees rather than 
serving people,” Alok told the Hindustan Times.

This person can definitely spark the sleeping goodness in each of us, each of those millions around us…! Keep getting inspired,  does not matter how much! After all, without little fingers, the hand is incomplete!!

Thank you ! 

Source: Multiple news papers, media channels and video references. Links given below

References and Links worth checking to know about this amazing person:

Video Features About Dr. Alok Sagar:

His PhD Thesis Paper: I found by searching at Rice University site. Based on the year and name, I believe, this paper is his PhD Thesis.(If any update, please let me know) : https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/15405?show=full

Change.org petition from an activist(Anurag Modi) to support Alok Sagar and his work:


News about Prof Alok Sagar: (Search “IIT professor Alok Sagar”, you can find many. I just give here a few)

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I want to become good!


They are very close friends, so open to each other.

He: “I am not spending enough time with my kids and family. Going behind so many things and think that it is needed to take care of my family!”

She:“You are a good father and a husband. You take care of them right?”


She:“But , what!”

He: “I want to become good!” (He felt so subdued!)

She thought for a while…She smiled!

She said: “You, for that matter everyone is good and has Godness within. Being there as good, every moment is what makes the difference, of course challenging”

She could see a little glow on his face.

He: “Godness or Goodness?”

She:”Both are same!”

Sun looks so calm and charming!

He&She: “Oh, time to go home. They will be waiting!”

Both birds fled to their nests…carrying food for their family in their bills

…and carrying Godness in their hearts!