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She also had a story…!


He always kept the conversation to the minimum with her or avoid it completely;though her ‘style’ attracted many for long conversations!

“Why girls do like this?” Somehow, Arun could not like her…, rather, her attire, boasting & bossy attitude! He likes girls to be simple; does not like over-makeup; does not like too many unwanted and big ornaments! (Don’t worry, he is from the old school!)

It was a new year eve! He could not avoid the get-together night; though he tried all possible excuses..!!! … and happened to sit across her, he felt really uncomfortable.

Chat, drink and food, went on….!
Now it’s family discussion.. It was her turn…!! Oh…need to listen her boasting now…
He cursed his decision to join the dinner!!. He was not keen and pretended to be too focused on food!

She started….
“Friends, i am from… and from a village…! When I was very small, we lost our father. I used to go with mom to do household work to earn & take care of our family of 4 kids.
He traveled to her village with her…..!! He was still eating…”something!”
“…and finally I got this job, sisters are settled, mom is happy & doing very well, stays along with me. Friends, you know, life is actually beautiful..like me!!!…” She paused.

He looked at her; saw her eyes welled up; then sparkled…!
Fireworks and skylanterns..; it was about to strike 12…;
Feet thumping music around!
He wished her softly…”Happy New Year Neena….”