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Yes! All happened in hurry!

For a moment Sam was totally at sea!
The boy was crying frantically. He was in a pool of blood…!! Instinctively, Sam could regain what’s happening. He quickly wrapped the boy and put him in the back seat.

After handing over the boy to the emergency team in a near by hospital, he, sat on a chair outside the emergency. His mind was wandering to find an answer….”How did my car hit that boy????Where did he come from….??His left leg was full of blood… Oh God.. ”

Sam tried to recollect his morning… 

” …. went for tennis… Almost during the last game I got that reminder call from Ann. She is going abroad, finally she took that hard decision. After all,  how can she keep waiting for an “indecisive fellow” like me. 

I hurried to start. But friends pulled me for another game. After too much negotiation and telling about the urgency, they agreed to leave. 

Though I was eager to meet Ann,  when I started the car, I told myself and to my legs that I am in a hurry, you must drive very carefully. As I was so aware about that thought, I was very careful and not driving fast at all…. Yes?! 

But where did that boy come from? To pick a ball…? No idea… All happened in a jiffy! 

……. Ann…?

Sam looked at the clock near emergency, Ann’s flight was 10 minutes back! He was not courageous to check his mobile…. Ann…? 

Joy came running.” Sam,  what happened, who is that boy? I informed the manager of our community, they will find his family. How did it happen?  ”

Sam:” His leg got injured, full of blood.. We need to wait another hour to get any update. ”

Joy:” Hope nothing serious.  Because you drove in hurry? By the way Sam, that last game we won..!! ”

Sam gave a strange, helpless look! 

Joy:”…. Wait, let me get some water… ” Joy went for water. He wanted to discard his last statements!

” Nothing to worry” A nurse came and informed Sam. 

Joy was talking to their tennis friends : “… Yeah… May be bit serious. Will come to know in sometime. Leg broken i think… Yes, I think he was in super hurry to meet Ann…” 

Sam:”….. Joy, let’s go to the ward. The boy’s surgery is over and he is moved to the ward. Nothing serious… ”

Sam was still wandering…. Ann..? . Her flight…? I was in hurry… ?  Yes all happened in hurry!!


A pleasant evening. Friends are vigorously fighting for wins at the tennis court. Sam parked the car by the side of the park. He helped Ben to get down from the car. They sat on a bench. 

Ben: “… Uncle, hey look at that green bee eater… Wow.. so cute!” 

Sam: “… Oh yeah… super cool… Sit carefully, let’s take a selfie with green bee eater……” 

Ben:”… super click uncle…. Show me the photo… . ”

They saw the pic… Two heads and an empty branch!! Ben looked at Sam…. 

Sam:” ….. where did it go… when i clicked it was there…. ”

He was searching for the green bee eater…! 

Ben touched his hands and told.. 

” Uncle, some accidents become blessings in our life, right….? 

Sam was still in search of…. green bee eater….., Ann….. and himself…!! 


Pic: Google free licensed