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He got up at 5.30am…

First he came with his way of Bday wishes..😇

Then he came with this….

I could not resist…😎❤️

Dear friends…

Stay blessed, keep smiling…a lot of warmth and beautiful things around…

Thank you! 🙏

Tom punched Jerry’s stomach! (Tom&Jerry Story)

boysTom & Jerry are back. They are 12yrs and 5yrs lovely brothers…


The night is darker than expected. (If lights are off, no moon and no street lights on, it will be like that only right? 🙂 )

Boys, Mama and Papa slept early that night. Day outing, evening games, friendly fights and Mama’s Special Cheeeeeesy Pizza…..no wonder; they have to sleep early!

Seeing them sleeping is very blissful….a breeze outside…window curtains dancing….(Come on….too much of cliche setting up of story..please move on…come to the point, come to the point!…. 😉 )

A sudden bang and a scream!

Mama jumped up! (Mama can jump up for any slight movements from Jerry, Tom or Papa. She tells about each of their sleep talking stories 🙂 )

Jerry is on the floor! Sitting and crying loud! (Tom and Papa are still in bliss 😉

Mama: “Oh Jerry….what happened? are you ok?”

(She quickly acted to check and confirmed nothing bad happened…)

Jerry (cry ON): “See, somebody put me down Mama!….and Tom punched my stomach…I did not do anything…!”

Mama: “Oh Boy……It was a dream. You rolled and fell down from the bed. See, Etta is sleeping…”

(Etta=Elder Brother->Tom)

Jerry(looked relieved! 🙂 ): “Dream…..!!! Naughty Dream, it pushed me down…”

Mama: “….see Etta will not hurt you…Tom is your lovely brother…and see…he is sleeping…”

Jerry(smiling now!): “Yes, Mama! Tom is my best friend….but still…..”

Mama:”…why still..?”

Jerry: “…still it is my stomach….even in dream, he should not have done it mama, he should not have done it!…” (End of that sentence, he started weeping again emotionally!)

Mama wanted to laugh, but could not! 🙂

By the time, Papa came out of bliss. (He is always a late comer! 😉

Papa (not fully out of bliss..): “…..what…what happened Jerry…why are you sitting down. Come sleep on the bed!…” (Too much Papa…too much! 🙂 )

Jerry: ” Papa, Tom punched Jerry’s stomach…! Jerry fell down from bed, still Mama says it is ok!…”

Papa(now fully out of bliss!) :”…..what….really….and he is sleeping!”

Jerry: “…it is ok, let Etta sleep. But tell him, don’t punch my stomach in the dream. It is my stomach right?!”

Papa lifted Jerry to the bed and hugged him with a smile to Mama.

Tom is still in bliss. He was murmuring….“I did not do it….I did not do it….”

Jerry: “…..Yes, you did, you did etta, you did!….”

Night was still dark…..They went back to blissful harmony to have lovely dreams for the next day!

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

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pics:Tom&Jerry(thumbnail) – Google free licensed; “Learn from their innocence..” Taken with mobile phone (HTC G728) and processed using Photogrid.


Paalam KalyanaSundaram – A man took unusual road to happiness!

Dear Friends,

Some of you may be knowing Sri. Paalam Kalyana Sundaram. If you do not know, here we go!

Let’s start with a crisp and short video. It is a must watch and takes just 3 min 9 seconds.

He started sharing most of his earnings for children and needy in the society. He imbibed this and internalized from a very early stage of his life. Later, he started spending all his earnings to the noble cause of supporting the needy in the society.

He believes, when we live for others, that is when we get the ultimate happiness in life. Also he says, compassion/love is the key to do it. 

There are many organizations acknowledged his work , including….

“Outstanding People of 20th Century” – by UNO

Rajinikanth adopted him as his father!

“Top 10 Librarians in the world”

“Man of the Millennium” – By an US organization (INR 30Crores that he got from this award is fully given for charity)

“Life time Service” Award – Rotary Club

“Best Librarian of India” – Govt of India

“One of the noblest of the world” – International Biographical Centre, Cambridge…

…many more!

All those accolades do not influence his strong desire to support the world, even at the age of 76…., all that just motivations for many others in this world to know about his noble work and be part of it!

For  me, you can see a real human with humanity and love in him!

Have a nice day!

Want to know/join his initiatives:

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining….

Child is the father of man(&woman)! :)

The little one was shouting to play pokemon cards. . . .
Now Newton’s third law first! 😃
“Every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. . . !”
The elder was so adamant and said : “I don’t want to play pokemon cards”
Now, Newton’s first law comes into play!
“…an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by  a netforce! “ 😃
“I want to play pokemon cards”
“I don’t want to play pokemon cards”
“I want”
“I don’t want”
Getting repeated the sequence!
Now some netforce is to be applied to break the state!!!
Netforce was applied by Mama on the elder first….!
“Santhanu….just leave it, even if you don’t want to play!….please keep quiet for a moment”
Little one: “I want”
Elder: Silence with helpless look at mom (like “why command to me only!!!”)
Now the state is changed!
Papa came with some peace mission!!
He said to the little one with lot of ‘love’! : “oh my geo boy….you are so lovely like your elder brother! Your elder brother always plays with you and helps you….and you like him the most…right?”
(Papa calls the little one ‘geo boy’ when the love increases too much 😉 )

Before papa completes his mesmerizing and compassionate words…..the little one continued with the same amplitude!  😉 

“I like pokemon the most, not etta” (“etta” means elder brother) 

Elder one felt so sad.
First netforce by Mama, now shock-force by his little brother!!
He walked to his room and embraced his ‘ben10‘ pillow! 😃
Now the little one became helpless…the target person is missing…!
Papa continued his words of truth about love and brother-hood!
“Geo boy…..see, can pokemon take you to the park? can it play with you cricket? can it help you taking bath? can it tell stories for you…..but your lovely bro does all these for you right? I know you love your brother the most….Only because you just want to play pokemon, you said, you love it the most…..But your brother felt so sad….”
Little one became really sad….and started weeping and said….” Papa, I told simply only…..”
Papa: “I know! Just go to your brother and say ‘I love you the most etta…..pokemon is a toy only. I love you the most!’
(Papa is too much and trying so hard to create a drama! 😉  )
Little one gave a serious look to papa. Papa did not know what is going to happen next….
Little one: “What should say….you said…repeat!”
Oops…Papa got a great relief!
Papa:” I love you so much etta…pokemon is a toy only. I love you the most”
Little one:”m….” (not so ready to act like the ‘director’!!)
He went to elder brother.
Now it is elder’s turn! 😃
Elder:”You don’t talk to me! You said, you like pokemon more than me!”
OMG….drama is in anticlimax!!!
The little one broke! Cried loudly with lot of emotions and came back running……
“Papa….Papa……etta did not……not…let me….” (he could not complete!)
Mama could not control……”Santhanooooooooooo……”
Papa intervened again with peace flag and truths of love!!! 😉
“Geo boy….your brother felt so sad when you said you like pokemon the best…hence he reacted like that….i will tell you a trick….”
Papa started showing by acting to Geo boy!
“…see…you just go near him….say 3 feet near…” (showed the little one how to measure 3 feet showing 3 tiles on the floor)
He continued….
“and tell him i love you and then give a kiss on your brother’s hand….that’s all…everything will be alright…”
[This papa will make a scene!!! 😉 ]
By the time…the elder became a little cool…..he slowly was coming out of his room……
The little one:” Papa….you say….you say!!!”
Now papa is in trouble…..He started getting ready to act the scene…..
Papa started his acting…”Etta….I love….” (He turned to the boys telling this emotionally….). But he did not need to complete the scene….!
He saw the elder is holding the little one and the little one was giving kisses to his etta…..
Scene Cut! Smiles unlimited!
Sincere Love…Learn from them!
Child is the father of man (and woman!)

Do you know what is pokemon? It is Pocket Monster –> PokeMon!
Courtesy: Pokemon Fans Association ;))

Photo of pokemon: Google Labelled for reuse with modification.

Photo of boys: Taken with mobile phone (HTC G728) and processed using Photogrid.