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Reality is Reality (again!) 


Happened to read a post from Bill Gates about Paul Kalanithi in linked in. He wrote in the title as “This Book Left me in tears“. 

I just remembered one of my posts which was triggered by Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s Story.  It was haunting and later we got his book “When Breath Becomes air“!

The title of my post was “Reality is Reality”. Because, unless we are in the real situation, we can only imagine and “try” to feel real. How nervous we become, when we undergo a critical illness diagnosis and waiting for the result? Reality is reality…and it is beyond our imagination! You can read the complete post here : “Reality is Reality”


Reality is Reality!


Read about Paul Kalanithi again; his story of realization of his life, through the negotiations with his death. Not read his book When Breath Becomes air…But that title says a lot.

I picked  Paul and his book during our usual chat with my wife and showed the above article from a Malayalam news daily1.  During our conversation, I was browsing her mobile and stuck at a like mail to her new blog ‘live like a tourist’. It forced me to have a look at it. To my shock, the topic was on the similar soul!

She did not notice that I was reading her mobile. After glancing through her blog, I told her that just now I read a similar topic (as Paul’s story)!.

She became curious…I showed her blog! She smiled..a smile with an unknown feeling!

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