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Sparkling Hope. (zeptory)

“I am sorry! Money cannot make her live!” The doctor was hopeless!
He opened his eyes; the air hostess was looking at him with his food.
He saw sparkling hope in her eyes!
He was traveling faster and faster, ahead of the flight!
Reality and hope continued to fight each other!

zeptory: A new word created for a very very small story, but sows a thought-provoking seed!
Zepto means 10−21
pic: google free licensed

Reality is Reality!


Read about Paul Kalanithi again; his story of realization of his life, through the negotiations with his death. Not read his book When Breath Becomes air…But that title says a lot.

I picked  Paul and his book during our usual chat with my wife and showed the above article from a Malayalam news daily1.  During our conversation, I was browsing her mobile and stuck at a like mail to her new blog ‘live like a tourist’. It forced me to have a look at it. To my shock, the topic was on the similar soul!

She did not notice that I was reading her mobile. After glancing through her blog, I told her that just now I read a similar topic (as Paul’s story)!.

She became curious…I showed her blog! She smiled..a smile with an unknown feeling!

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